The characters im mostly gonna be using :3

Hello! and welcome to my character description. (I guess you could call it that) Anyway here I will describe my main characters for most of the stories I'm going to make. Enjoy


1. Kitty Cat & Penguini

Kitty Cat:

  Kitty Cat is going to be the Protagonist in most of my stories.

  Kitty Cat or Kitty as his friends call him is a energetic kind of crazy ( crazy in a good way :) ) cat person.


  Penguini is going to be the second not as important as Kitty Cat but still one of the most important character in most

  of my stories.

  Penguini is a intelligent also kind of crazy ( again crazy in a good way :3 ) penguin person.


 ( Kitty Cat and Penguini will mostly be best friends in my stories :D )

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