Return of Danzilla.


1. Return

Dan cuffed (YN) to the bed and let his eyes gaze hungrily her body. Her Perfectly shaped breasts and flat stomach. She bit her lip which turned Dan on, he could tell he was going to enjoy this. He bent down and Put his tongue there between her legs feeling a shiver rush threw her body making her vibrate on Dan's tongue. Then he slid his hands underneath her ass and raised it so that he could get deeper into her. Judging by Her faint whimpers of pleasure, Dan knew he didn't need any more prep. They had both done this enough times before. Dan took the lube and gave it to (YN) to spread onto DanZilla, then she started to pump his dick just fast enough to tease him, he started to moan. so she stopped knowing he was hitting his climax very soon. Like he'd just seen, she was experienced at this and his body didn't resist much. Dan then inserted his penis into her kept going in and out at a slow pace.

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