Cyber Bully : Zayn Malik

Amanda was not your typical high school girl. She was constantly bullied and made fun of. Especially by Zayn, the high school's most popular guy. With her parents dead and her living with her aunt Amanda's only escape is the mystery guy that she speaks to online. He is the only one whom she feels she can trust and tell her problems to. What happens when one day Amanda decides to finally meet this mystery guy?



Hey guys i know that i haven't been on here for months and i truly apologize for that. To be honest i had completely forgotten about this story until a few days ago that my friend told me that she had come across it . I honestly had stopped because i felt that i wasn't really receiving the feedback that i had wanted and expected ,but honestly that was my fault. I completely rushed this story and after re-reading it I decided to erase this one and actually start a new one. I don't think the next one will be about one of the boys but i would still really appreciate it to whoever is still actually, i guess, "reading" this story. I hope that I'm not talking to myself here and that someone is actually going to see this. If you do i would appreciate if you left a comment or something. And tell me what you think about me writing a new story.

Thank You!! c:

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