Cyber Bully : Zayn Malik

Amanda was not your typical high school girl. She was constantly bullied and made fun of. Especially by Zayn, the high school's most popular guy. With her parents dead and her living with her aunt Amanda's only escape is the mystery guy that she speaks to online. He is the only one whom she feels she can trust and tell her problems to. What happens when one day Amanda decides to finally meet this mystery guy?


2. Chapter 2

Amanda's POV:

As I walked into my first period class I noticed I was already five minutes late. Everyone turned their heads in my direction as I closed the door. "You're late Amanda," my teacher Mr. Brown said. " I know Mr. Brown I'm so sorry it wont happen again", I said as I set my stuff down. "Its fine just get your instrument and get tuned so we can begin," he said. As I was taking out my violin from its case I couldn't help but to think of my mother. My aunt had told me that my mom had always loved to play and that she had started at a very young age. When I decided to start playing in fifth grade I felt good doing it. It made me feel like my mother was by my side. My aunt and my teachers had always commented on how I was a natural because I played so good. Aunt Tara once said that I played just like my mother. It made me feel good. Like I had accomplished something great. My thoughts were interrupted by Mr. Brown.

" As you all know the spring concert is coming up and we need someone to play the solo. Any volunteers?" I ducked my head down not wanting Mr. Brown to see me. Even though I knew I was good I was shy and I never wanted to play in front of big  audiences. When no one raised their hand to volunteer Mr. Brown decided to pick someone himself. " Amanda how about you do it?" I raised my head about to decline when he said "Great I look forward to hearing you play". Oh boy I'm screwed.

My classes had gone pretty fast and by the time lunch came around I was dreading it. As I walked into the cafeteria I noticed my best friend Brittney sitting down at a table texting on her phone. Brittney was my only friend in this hell hole called school. She had black hair that went up to her lower back, brown eyes, and a piercing on her nose.

"Hey", I said as I sat down next to her.

"Hi", she replied. "Uh-oh here comes Zayn".

I looked over to where she was looking and sure enough I saw Zayn walking over to our table with a smirk on his face. Oh how I wish I could slap it right off his face!

" Hello skank", he said as he sat down next to me. I turned my head ignoring him. Soon I felt a hand roughly yank my head towards the other direction. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you!" he yelled in my face. I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes but I refused to let them fall. Suddenly he stood up and walked behind me. Unsure of what he was going to do I just sat there perfectly still. I suddenly felt myself falling to the ground. I looked up to find Zayn standing there with my chair in his hands smirking at me. Brittney rushed over to help me when Amy appears out of nowhere and dumps her tray of food all over me. People were just laughing at me and pointing.

"I told you we were gonna get you stupid bitch" Zayn spat at me before walking away with a laughing Amy.

I stood up and rushed to the nearest restroom where I locked myself in one of the stalls. I let the tears flow down my cheeks as I pulled out my phone to talk to the one person I knew I could trust.



Hey guys hope you like it so far. Im having fun writing this so please comment, like , favorite.

Love you all!! :)

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