Their Rebel Daughter.

Olivia Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's 15 year old daughter. Louis and the boys decided to stop the band when Eleanor got pregnant but still are best friends. Eleanor and Louis were in their thirties and still looked pretty young. Olivia was the rebel of the school, the bad ass. She was known as the girl with amazing parents and uncles. Whenever Louis and Eleanor went on their little vacations to get away for time together one of the boys would watch her and throw huge parties that she invited the whole school to.


1. Characters.

Okay, lovelies! Here are what every one looks like in the story!


Olivia Rose Tomlinson (Via), 15

Lucas James Tomlinson, 17

Taylor Ann Payne, 16

Darcy Lynn Styles, 16

Leeza Louise Malik, 17


Carly Elizabeth Horan, 17


Liam James Horan, 18 (Cause Niall said he wants to name his son after Liam)

Holly Marie Nickels, 16 

Mikey James Nickels, 17

Anthony Joseph Kyles, 16

Kaitlin Elizabeth Peterson, 15



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