Their Rebel Daughter.

Olivia Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's 15 year old daughter. Louis and the boys decided to stop the band when Eleanor got pregnant but still are best friends. Eleanor and Louis were in their thirties and still looked pretty young. Olivia was the rebel of the school, the bad ass. She was known as the girl with amazing parents and uncles. Whenever Louis and Eleanor went on their little vacations to get away for time together one of the boys would watch her and throw huge parties that she invited the whole school to.


4. Chapter 3

Via's POV


I woke up and my alarm was going off really loud. I clicked the snooze button and got up, grabbing my glasses. I walked over to my closet and grabbed a blue and white striped half shirt and red-ish-pink-ish high wasted shorts. I put them on along with my grey wedges and a black bracelet with gold lining. 

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I sat on a stool at the island and my mom put breakfast in front of me. 


"Morning, Via." She smiled. 


"Morning, mom. Where's dad?" I asked taking a bite of my bacon. 


"He's in the den talking to Liam and Zayn." 


"Are Leeza and Taylor here?!" 


"Yea, their in there with them." She smiled


"Okay." I said finishing my food. I put my plate in the sink and walked into the den. Liam, Zayn and my dad looked at me.


"Uh. Whatchu guys talking about?" I asked my dad.


"Something you need to he-" Leeza cut him off.


"They're talking to us about sex!" She rolled her eyes. 


"Oh. Dad, I think the school does that enough." I said sitting in between Taylor and Leeza. This is going to be really awkward.


"Well, I don't know if you are still a virgin or not, but just be safe." Liam said. 


"What do you think I'm Lucas?" I asked. He almost got Ella pregnant twice. 


"No. But Leeza and Taylor refuse to answer their us questions about them being virgins or not. So what about you?" my dad looked at me.


"She's so not a virgin!" Lucas shouted walking past the den. 


"Lucas, shut up!" I rolled my eyes. Yeah, so what I lost it like 3 months ago at a party when my parents were out of town. I was drunk, it's not my fault! 


"Well you guys need to get to school before your late" Liam said and we all got up and walked out the door. 


"God, that was so awkward!" Leeza said as we staretd walking.


"I know. I don't care about it but like why couldn't our moms talk to us." Taylor said.


"I don't know. Parents are weird. But you have better parents then me." I smiled, taking my phone out of my back pocket. I checked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and Taylor gave me a weird look.


"My parents, better then yours? HA! Your funny. How so?" She asked laughing.


"When my parents go out of town and your guys' mom and dad watch me and Lucas or Darcy's, or Carly and Liam's parents watch us then they let us throw huge parties! But, Taylor, your always at someones house and stuff." I said. 


"Huge parties? What the hell. My dad would never throw a huge party!" Taylor said talking with her hands as well as her words. 


"Oh, your dad can throw one hell of a party, Taylor." Leeza smiled. We arrived at school and went to our lockers. My locker was right next to the school's man whore: Tyler. He cheated on this girl with one of the schools whores and the girl he cheated on had a knife in her locker and other whores said she tried to stab that girl he cheated with. I don't know. But she got suspended for a month. I opened my locker and put my bag in. 


"Hey, Via. So you got a boyfriend?" Tyler asked opening his locker. 


"Uh.." Why does he care? 


"Cause I was thinking if you don't maybe you could be mine." He smirked. 


"Uh, no thanks. I have one." I lied. 


"Really, who?" He cocked an eyebrow.


"Uh.. Mikey!" I said as he came over to us. 


"You two are dating?" Tyler asked him.


"N-" I elbowed his side. "YES. Yes we are." Mikey looked at my rubbing his side. 


"Wow. Never expected you two to be together." And he walked off.


"Why did you tell him we're dating?!" Mikey whisper\yelled at me.


"Because he asked if I was dating some one then he said that he was gonna make me his girlfriend and I told him I had a boyfriend, then he asked who and you were right there so I just said your name." I said a little annoyed.


"Wow. You really hate that guy." I nodded. 


"Well time to pretend we're dating." I fake smiled. 


"Who says we have to pretend to be dating?" He gave me a cheeky smile and put his arm over my shoulders.



HEYYY!!!!  Sorry short chapter!!! 

I'm kind ain a hurry! I have to go to the doctors, then dinner and yeah. 

Well yeah, I love you and your all SO cute!! Byee :)


Jenny Boo <3 :D 

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