Their Rebel Daughter.

Olivia Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's 15 year old daughter. Louis and the boys decided to stop the band when Eleanor got pregnant but still are best friends. Eleanor and Louis were in their thirties and still looked pretty young. Olivia was the rebel of the school, the bad ass. She was known as the girl with amazing parents and uncles. Whenever Louis and Eleanor went on their little vacations to get away for time together one of the boys would watch her and throw huge parties that she invited the whole school to.


2. Chapter 1

Via's POV


I woke up to Leeza and Taylor shaking me. 


"Come on, Via, get up! Louis taking us shopping!" Leeza started to pull me off my bed. 


"Five more minutes!" I'm not really a morning person. 


"Ya know sometimes I think your Harry's daughter and not Louis'" Taylor said, I could tell she was rolling her eyes. 


"Alright, alright I'm up." I stood up grabbing my glasses off my side table. "TAYLOR ANN PAYNE YOU DYED YOUR HAIR WITH OUT ME?!" I screeched. Her bangs were red and a little bit of the back was bleach blonde. 


"Yes. Definitely Louis' daughter." She giggled.


"Now come on get dressed! I wanna go shopping! Carly and Darcy are downstairs!" Leeza said eagerly. 


"Okay. Now shoo peasants so I can get dressed." I laughed. 


"Such a Tomlinson." Taylor and Leeza giggled walking out. I shut the door and went to my closet.


I grabbed a grey sweater, floral shorts, and my white vans. I put black liquid eyeliner on my eyes and light pink eye shadow and some lip gloss. 

I walked downstairs and every one was in the kitchen. Carly and Liam were raiding the fridge. Leeza was talking to my older brother Lucas. Darcy was on her phone and Taylor was talking with my mom. 


"Via, those shorts are too short." My dad said walking into the kitchen. 


"Your just jealous cause your to old to rock skinny jeans." I giggled. 


"I am not!" He protested. 


"Your jealous cause my butt it better than yours!!" I said. It was true. The Tomlinson ass was passed from my dad to me and my brother. But mine is the best off all according to Harry and Darcy. 


"It is not!" He looked at me


"Can I have Kevin?" I asked pointing to the plastic bird on the shelf by the t.v. 


"What? NO! That is like my third child!" He half shouted.


"I want the bird." I pouted crossing my arms over my chest. 


"No." My dad said bluntly. 


"But, but, but I WANT THE BIRD!" I screeched. 


"Lou, just left her have the bird." My mom said in her soft voice. 


"Alright, fine." He gave in after a couple minutes. 


"Yay!" I hugged him throwing my feet in the air. I grabbed Kevin and went upstairs to put him in my room. I put him on my dresser and walked back downstairs. "When are we leaving?" I asked. 


"Soon." My dad said walking upstairs. I went and leaned on the back of the couch looking over Lucas' shoulder. 


"Whatcha doing?" I asked. 


"Nothing." He clicked the home button closing his text messages. 


"Who you talking to?" I asked.


"Ella." He said. that was his girl friend. 


"Why are you dating some who's name is so close to mom's?" 


"I don't know. Would you rather me still be dating my ex?" He asked. His ex's name was the same as mine and she tried getting people to call her Via too. Then she started rumors and I beat the crap out of her. 


"Nah I'm good. But I haven't met her yet and I will not be replaced by another one of your whores." I smiled sitting next to him. He just rolled his eyes and we waited for my dad. Finally my dad came downstairs in bright red skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt with black suspenders. 


"I can totally rock skinny jeans." My dad said spinning around. 


"Alright you win, but my ass is still better then yours." I smiled. 


"Dad, can Ella meet us there?" Lucas asked my dad. 


"Yea, sure." My dad shrugged.


"Can Anthony meet us too?" I asked. Anthony was my bestfriend. Every one thought we were dating cause we always hugged and he always had his arm over my shoulders. 


"Yea." He shrugged again. I texted Anthony and he asked if it was okay that Holly, Jacob, and Matt came too cause he was with them. Jacob was Anthony's little brother and Matt was Holly's. They were both 14 and Holly and Anthony were 16. I was the middle of our little awkward friend thing. 


"Holly, Matt and Jacob too?" I asked. 




"Jacob and Matt?! Omg they are so adorable!" Darcy squealed causing us all to laugh. 


"Alright let's go." My dad said. We all filed into the black SUV. And Paul followed us in his car to make sure we were safe. Yes Paul following us, One Direction is still considered famous and All the 1D boys' kids get pelted with questions by the fans. But whatever. It doesn't bother me. 


When we got there my dad gave me and Lucas money just incase even thought we had our credit cards and went off some where. We waited for Holly, Anthony, Matt, Jacob, and Ella. When they got here we separated into groups. Me, Holly, Jacob, Matt, Anthony and Leeza in one and Liam, Carly, Darcy, Lucas, Ella and Taylor in another. First we all went to Hot Topic. I bought a Falling In Reverse and a Paramore CD, a bunch of make up, perfume that was in a skull shape,a Superman bikini, and a bunch of cute cloths. I didn't notice what every one else bought but they did buy stuff. Then we went to the ice cream shop and all got ice cream. We sat in the food court and ate it. After a while every one met at the food court after hours of shopping and we all went home.



Hello cuties! So here is my first story! Hope you like it I've never written a story before Dx Well I love yous mwah! <3 

Jenny Boo <3 :D 


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