Z Outbreak

The story is about a zombie apocolyspe, it follows the story of A man named Christophe.


1. The beginning of the End

Prologue: The world right now is surrounded by crime and misery, so what will happen if the world around you crumbles, morals drop and the dead start to reanimate. Everywhere you turn you see them eating each other’s flesh, crumbled cities we used to call home, abandoned cars we used to drive now even hiding is useless while they can still smell your sweat. These things that took over our cities, these creatures who started to wipe us out have beaten our government; have taken out our military and almost all of population.


                                                           CHAPTER 1: The Beginning of the End


Christophe is a survivor of the apocalypse, a man who has lost his wife and kids due to the outbreak before the apocalypse he was a ex-military police officer and this is his story. Christophe wakes up in what seems like an empty hotel room with all its windows boarded up all dazed about what happened before this, all he knew was that the outbreak happened and he's lost everything dear to him. Next to him is a sports bag, he opens It and inside there's several military like guns, some clothes and a picture of him and what seems like his family.


 He grabs it and slowly opens the door outside is a decaying body with a gun wound in it, being ex-military he knew that he had shot that just yesterday because of how new the wound is. He spots stairs leading down so he walks down the front entrance seems to have been boarded up and most of the windows have been as well. Just as he steps down the last step he hears "Had a good rest military man" from behind him, he turns and sees a tall and skinny African American man standing watch with a rifle. On his shirt it says Tommy on it, "Tommy is it? Where are we?" says Christophe in a kind manner. Tommy replies "You forgetting us already boss". Christophe looks at him confused and then Tommy explained to him that they were from the same city and escaped together and he was there when his family was killed and is truly sorry about not protecting them. "Ok so what do we do now" says Christophe to Tommy. "We need to start moving again this place is going to be surrounded soon" replies Tommy instantly. The two grab all their gear and leave through the back door.


They enter a darkish alleyway, and the two run down into the main street and hide behind a rusted car. On the street there are two zombies circling each other, Tommy readies his rifle and was about to shoot when Christophe lowers the gun and grabs a nearby brick and throws it at a shops window, the two zombies start walking towards it. Tommy and Christophe then load their stuff into the car and start it, it hesitates at the start but ends up working just before the zombies catch on and chase them. They drive up into a highway nearby the hotel, "That was good thinking Chief" says Tommy instantaneously. Christophe replies with "It'll conserve ammo if we think before we shoot quick shot". The two boys drive down the highway for a while until they see up ahead that the highway was broken down and they couldn't drive past, so they backtrack till the reach the last highway exit.


The two then exit the highway and into a town called "Townberg" just as they drive by they see a blond haired woman signalling them to come over. "Should we stop?" says Tommy who was driving the car at the time. "Yeah why not" replies Christophe hesitantly. They stop by the young lady, only to see a horde of zombies behind her and a collapsed man next to her. "If you want live, leave him" Shouts out Christophe, she doesn't hesitate for second and jumps into the back of the car with her bag. After driving into an alley near an old gas station, Christophe looks at the back seat to see a crying teenage girl. "Who was he?" says Tommy slowly getting out of the car. "My Uncle" says the girl squeakily, the two boys look down sadly and grab their gear out of the boot of the car. As they go to open the door to let the girl out, a zombie lunges at Christophe and almost bites him but luckily he pushes it away in time and grabs a nearby brick and crushes it's head. The girl steps out with a bag on her back, "My name's Sally" says the girl quietly. They all travel into the gas station and board up the windows, "We'll all stay here for the night" says Christophe. While sleeping on the counter Christophe gets woken up by Sally, she whispers to him "I can't sleep, I keep thinking about my dad". Christophe frowns and replies with "We all lose people we love but we the survivors must live on in their name", Sally Smiles and sits down next to Christophe and the two chat for a while until they both fall asleep.


A bright light shines throughout the boarded up windows, tommy thinking the suns gone up takes a peek through the window to he's surprise it was a massive armoured car from the car emerged two bulky men. The big car attracts are the zombies nearby, gunshots fly everywhere striking all the zombies precisely in the head. Christophe and Sally quickly awaken and grab their weapons out, Christophe holding his Customised SMR assault rifle, combat knife and Sally with Christophe's Five-Eleven Pistol. "Should we talk to them?" whispers Tommy to The other two. Christophe indicates to Tommy they should but come well equipped, the gang wonder out the door and then Tommy shouts out "Hey You what are you doing here!". The two big men turn to him and yell back "We didn't know anybody was here, we mean you no trouble". Sally then takes a small peek from behind Christophe's back and the two men catch a glimpse of her and start whispering between each other, Christophe manages to catch a few words like "Cure" "Take" "HQ". Immediately Christophe runs to cover and signals the others to as well, the buff men then began to fire where sally was. A massive gunfight happens and bullets start firing all over the old and ruined gas station, bullets start hitting old gas canisters and they end up exploding on the two buff men. Christophe runs up to where the two men were and sees that one is still breathing and punches him across the face and yells at him "What were you whispering about". The dying man’s coughs and before dying from blood loss his last words were "The ……. Cure …...... Go………... Federal ……….. Station ………..” tommy then says quietly “Federal Station is on the other side of the town". "We'll take their ride" yelling Christophe jumping into the driver’s seat of the car. The others hop in without a complaint and they drive off in the direction of the Train station.


After driving for several kilometres Christophe stops the car and yells at Tommy and Sally saying "We're walking from this point" , the two hop out with their baggage and weapons. After walking a few more kilometres they reach what seems to be an old train station, guessing that this is the federation station. They enter the building quietly only to spot a group of people gunning down zombies in the subway part of the station, hiding behind cover the gang wait quietly while the people fight the hordes of zombies going towards them. Tommy then spots a zombie walking nearby, he tries to signal her but it grabs her and pushes her to a nearby wall, and was about to bite her but Christophe grabs it and pulls it away and pushes it towards the group of people who end up killing it. The gang* then start seeing the other group arguing with another, and then one of them dropped dead then most of them start trying to hold back the other man who was holding a gun at the time. The gang then see the corpse on the ground start moving, and then the man with a gun breaks free and shoots the corpse in the head, one of the others a woman drops to her knees and starts crying.


(* From this point on I'm calling Christophe's group "The Gang")


The gang manage to sneak past the group of people in one piece luckily. The gang then reach a large railway, blocked off by what seems to be an rundown bullet train. They go up to it only to see the only way around it is to go over it so Christophe puts out his hands and tells everyone to climb up him and when tommy's up on op of it to pull him up. First Sally got on top then tommy did, just when Tommy was about to pull Christophe up a loud boom happened from the entrance of the rain station. Tommy pulled Christophe up in haste and the gang start running for their lives not looking back to see what made that explosion, just as Christophe catches up to the rest the ceiling behind him collapses. Now trapped with only one direction to go, the gang then start running further into the station. They keep at it for a while until they find a large open area, covered in darkness where just anything can jump out at you and it probably will. The gang keep walking trying to be quiet, after a while they're forced to turn on their flashlights, just as tommy does he spots something in the distance like a mutated zombie or a really old one. The gang hide behind whatever they could find, the old zombie just stands there staying into space it looks blind and has something growing on it. Tommy readies his weapon and was about to shoot when Christophe stops him, Christophe grabs a nearby bottle and throws it at the wall behind the zombie. The zombie rushes at the sound of the bottle breaking on the wall and goes crazy at it, the gang sense that its attracted to sound and so sneaks around it. They keep trying to sneak around him when Sally trips over a bottle and creates a loud noise, the old zombie runs towards her. Tommy grabs out his gun and fires, the bullets seem to just bounce off it but its attracted to the noise and follows tommy around the room as he fires his rifle like a crazy idiot.

Christophe catches on to his idea and starts to do the same, Sally gets up and attacks it from behind grabbing out a knife she had hidden in her pocket and stabbed it's throat. They take a minute to patch up and then keep going, Christophe turns to her and says "That’s mine isn't it?" she replies with "Yes ………..". Christophe grabs the knife, opens her hand and says "Keep it but take good care of it it's special", she nods her head and puts it back in her pocket.

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