A Princess Story 2

We meet again…


3. Valentines Day

Harrys POV 


I want to ask Sam to go to the next step in our relationship. In other words, I want us to have sex. Sam interrupted my thought with a kiss. I kissed her back. "Hey gorgeous." I smiled. "Hey Sexy…" She smirked. "I have to go back home now or I'm grounded so love you." We shared a quick kiss and then started to walk away. I grabbed her arm gently and pulled her back into a longer kiss. She pulled away. "If I get grounded I can't see you for a month." She said to me. "Then what the hell did I do that for go go go!" I picked her up and carried her out to me car. I buckled her in and kissed her quickly them hopped on my side. I sped Sam home and ran her up to her door. I held her hands and kissed her passionately. Simon came out. "Hmm? Right on time. Alright Harry you two can go back to your house now." I looked at Sam. "He told me to test you. Just to see if your not a really bad guy." She kissed my cheek. "Oh Simon ser I need to talk to you." I nervously said to him. "Alone." I looked at Sam. She nodded and went inside. Simon closed the door. "Yes son?" He asked. "I'd like your permission to have sex with Sam?" I said awkwardly. "She's a little young for that…" I frowned. "But?" I batted my eyes. "But, you asking proves your worthy of doing so, so…you have my permission." I smiled. I hugged him.


Sams POV 


Dad closed the door. I snuck over to it to listen. "so…you have my permission." Permission for what? Oh my god. Harrys gonna ask me to marry him? I ran upstairs and called Perrie. "I need you to do some snooping. You and Zayn. I think Harrys gonna ask me to marry him. I have to know. So I can be ready. I'm a little girl." "Oh sure sista. Anything for you. ZAYN!!!!" She called. "Yeah?" I heard Zayn. "We need to snoop. Sam think Harrys gonna ask her to marry him." "Sure Sam. Anything for you."  "Thanks guys." Harry walked in. I hung up my phone and threw it. I smiled at him. "Hey I bought that for you." He pouted. "Sorry." I said. "It's ok…Are you ok?" He sat by me. I got up. "Yeah I'm fine." I fake smiled. "Sam what's going on?" He asked. "Nothing…It's just. I might have listened to your conversation with meh dad." I fake smiled. He smiled and got up. "Good." He walked over to me. He put my hands in his. "I want everything to be perfect for you…Ill pick you up around 8 on valentines day. Where something really pretty." He kissed me. I kissed him back a little scared. I'm not ready to get married. He pulled away. "You stopped?" He said. "Sorry…lost in thought." I kissed him again. He kissed me back. How was I gonna tell him no? What am I saying. You don't know that yet. He pulled away. "Gotta go…Love you." He faintly smiled. "Love you too." I fake smiled. He kissed me softly. I kissed him back. He left when the kiss ended.


Harrys POV


Something's wrong with Sam. Maybe she's scared. I did kinda to forward a little fast. I gotta talk to someone who will actually listen. Zayn. I called him. "Hey Harry." "Dude. Um I asked Simon for permission to have sex with Sam and she overheard. I don't think she's ready though. But I already got everything planned. I shouldn't have…" Zayn was laughing. "What?" I asked. "Dude she thinks your gonna ask her to marry you." He laughed even harder. "WHAT?!?!" I screamed. I turned around and headed back to Sams house. I knocked on the door. Sam answered it. "How much of that conversation did you hear?" I asked. "Just dad approving. Why?" "I don't wanna get married yet! I was asking your dad permission to have sex with you." I said. "Oh thank god. I don't wanna get married yet either." She laughed. I cracked up and joined her in laughter. " "How'd you end up figuring that out?" She asked. "Zayns the guy you go to it you want someone to listen." I hugged her. She hugged me back. "I have to go now though…" I started. "I love you though…" I kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelled so good. "Love you too." She kissed my cheek. "See you on Valentines Day." I said. She smiled and nodded. She's scared. I kissed her softly. She kissed me back shakily. I gently set my hands on her waist. She jumped a little. She's really scared. She pulled away. "I have to go to my tutor now…" She kissed my cheek and ran inside. She waved and shut the door. I knocked on the door. She answered. "Yes Harry?" "Why are you lying to me?" I asked. "I'm not lying. I have a tutor. I'm learning French." She lied again. "Ok if your not ready then just say so." "What Harry I can't believe you don't trust me. Sure I'm scared I'm a virgin. But I really have a tutor. We video chat. She lives in France." "Ok Sam you don't need to lie. Lets just take a break." I stormed off. 

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