A Princess Story 2

We meet again…


8. The Wedding

Heres everything from the wedding. We're getting married under the Eiffel Tower. It's so romantic. But after I need to tell Harry that were gonna be parents. Last week we had sex. First time. I was nervous. "Time to go Sam. You ready?" Perrie asked. I shook it off and nodded. I heard the music start, then everyone went out. Dad came over. He was crying. "It's ok daddy. Lets to." He held out his arm and I grabbed it. This is it. We walked through the doors and Harry looked at me. He had no smile on his face, but I knew he was happy. Simon walked me up and Harry took hold of my arm. "I knew you were beautiful, but now it's official." He whispered. I giggled. We went up and the priest said a bunch of boring stuff I didn't listen to. "Do you Samantha…" "Yes!" I interrupted. "And do you Har…" "Forever." Harry interrupted. "Ok, I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Harry dipped me. He pressed his lips against mine. We kissed then he helped me up. "Who wants cake?" Harry yelled. The guys cheered. I agreed and we cut the cake. "Don't throw anything on the dress Mr. Styles." I said as we cut the cake. "Ok Mrs. Styles." He said back. We cut a piece and I stuffed it in Harrys face. He grabbed a piece off his cheek and flicked it at me. I glared at him. He pulled me in and kissed me with his cakey lips. Then we ate the cake and opened the gifts. Then I went up to the stage. "I have my own gift for my new husband Harry." I smiled at him. He looked confused. "A child. I'm pregnant." Harry spit out his wine. He ran up to me. "What?" He looked shocked. "I'm pregnant." I smiled. He smiled back and hugged me. I hugged him back. He kissed me romantically. I kissed him back. "I'm gonna be a dad." He whispered. He smiled.  

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