A Princess Story 2

We meet again…


4. A Break?

Sams POV 


I called Perrie in tears. I could speak. All I could do was cry. "I'll be right over. Zayns gonna come ok?" "Ok." I hung up. A few minutes later I heard the door bell. I ran down and opened it. Perrie and Zayn hugged me. I told them everything. "But your learning that for him. You wanted to have more in common." Zayn said. "I know." I said. I cried even harder. "That's it! I'm not letting him do this to you. Zayn come on!" Perrie screamed and left.


Perries POV 


We pulled up to Harrys house. I got out before Zayn stopped the car and stormed into his house. "HARRY!!!" I screamed. He ran downstairs. "What?" He said in a pissy voice. "Sam is anything but a scared girl. She's amazing and you don't deserve her. The only reason she's learning French is because you do to. She wanted to talk to you so no one could hear what you said to eachother. She was not lying. Now because of you she smashed every TV in her house that plays romance movies…WITH A METAL BAT!!! SHE'S SPRAWLED OUT ON HER COUCH ON TEARS!!! AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! SHE'S FAINTED FROM CRYING TWICE!!! YOU DID IT TO HER!!! FIX IT!!!!" I pushed him against the wall. He nodded scarcely. "GOOD!" I stormed out.


Harrys POV 

God she's scary. I'm an idiot. She'll never forgive me. And Valentines. She's mine. Oh god. What've I done? I cried myself to sleep that night. Tomorrow's Valentines Day. And she's in tears. And so am I. I got a call in the middle of the night. "Hello?" "GOODBYE FOREVER!!!!" Sam screamed and hung up. I freaked out. Suicide. No. No. No. I got up and put my clothes on. I sped to Sams house and barged inside. I ran up to Sams room. "Sam don't hurt yourself! Please. Perrie scares me. A lot." "What the hell does that even have to do with anything?" She screamed. "She explained everything…Im a loud manner. Sam. I love you…" "Then why don't you trust me?" She asked. "Well you lied to me once. I didn't know if you were actually lying to me or not." She opened the door. She looked terrible. "That's not the only…never mind. She walked into her room. She sat on her bed. I closed the door and sat next to her. I smiled. "Do you remember…the first kiss we shared? " I asked. She smiled. "Yeah…I do…I was in a really poofy dress." She laughed. "You looked like a princess. A beautiful, perfect princess." I looked at her. She looked away. "You know there's a prettier girl then you next door." I lied. "What? Who is she?  I'll kill her!" She looked at me. I laughed. "There's no one prettier then you Sam." I kiss her softly. She pulled away and grabbed my hand. She led me to her closet. It had 3 story's. She showed me a few dresses on the first floor. Then shoes. Then the rest. She held my hand tight. I wanted to hold her in my arms so bad. I stopped her from saying another word and kissed her. She kissed me back. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her arms around my neck. "I don't want you to go…" She hugged me tight. "I can stay…If you want me to?" I said. "Yeah…You can sleep on the other side of me." She said and led me to her bed she got in and I took my shirt and pants off along with my shoes and socks. Then I got in and pulled her close to me. She put her head on my chest and fell asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. I dreamt of a little baby girl smiling at me. Calling me daddy. I woke up. Sam looked at me. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Bad dream. Sorry of I woke you." I laid my head back down. She cuddled up to me and fell back asleep. I couldn't sleep after that. I tried but, I think I just saw the future. Oh my god. I'm getting Sam pregnant tomorrow. I smiled. I squealed a little. "Harry don't go gay on me." Sam whispered. "Sorry…And I won't. Except for Louis. Have you seen his bum?" I asked. She slapped me in the face. "Your weird Harry." She laughed. "Love you though…" She yawned and put one hand on my chest. "Love you too…" I kissed her forehead and fell asleep. 

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