Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


5. Up To Something

Your P.O.V.   I couldn't believe my eyes. Jordan Castillo. The guy I broke up with just yesterday. The guy ill never speak to again. Justin noticed the concerned look on my face. "What's wrong baby?" Justin asked me. "J-Jordan." I answered scared. He traveled my gaze. Jordan looked over. I saw Justin give him a mean glare. "Don't worry baby it'll be okay. Just ignore him." He said rubbing my back. I nodded my head still unsure. Unsure of Jordan. It looked like he was up to something. I didn't know what though. I decided to ignore Jordan and just layout under the sun next to Justin. He reached over and squeezed my hand. He usually does that when he get nervous or mad. I looked up. There was Jordan standing right over me. "You better leave her alone Jordan." Justin said. "What are you gonna do?" Jordan replied back. He looked over at me. "Hey babe. I'm really sorry! You don't need to be with that Justin kid." Okay he just crossed the line. "LOOKE JORDAN! JUSTIN IS NOT SOME "kid" HE'S MY BESTFRIEND AND EVERYTHING TO ME. WHEN I WAS SAD JUSTIN WAS THE ONE TO COMFORT ME NOT YOU! AND I BET YOUR NOT HE LEAST BIT SORRY." I screamed at him. "Thanks babe." Justin said to me. "Babe? You've already moved on?" Jordan asked me. "Ever since you cheated on me the second time I've wanted to be with Justin." I said simply. "Whatever *yn*. I know you still want me." Jordan said rudely. Justin stood up. His fists clutched. Before I knew it Justin had punched Jordan in the face. Jordan flew down to the ground. Justin reached down for my hand, gesturing me to grab it and stand up. "Let's go babe." He said to me. "Okay." I nodded slowly and scared and got up. We gathered our thing and got to the car. Justin opened my door and and ran to his side to get in. "I'm sorry today didn't go the way it was supposed to." Justin apologized. "You don't need to be sorry Justin. It's not your fault." I said to him. "I just wish he would leave me alone!" I added. "He'll never mess with you again. You're with me. Ill protect you I promise." Justin said grabbing my hand and intertwined our fingers. My hand seemed to perfectly fit in his. We got to Justin's house. He unlocked the door and we walked inside. "Justin?" I questioned his name. "Yeah baby?" "What if Jordan tries to do something to me? It looked like he was up to something." I explained. "He won't hurt you baby. I promise! Do you trust me?" He asked. "Of course I trust you JuJu." JuJu has always been my nickname for Justin. Ever since we were 5. "Then trust ill protect you! I promise I won't let anybody hurt you." "Okay I trust you Justin." I said and grabbed his arm. We sat down on the couch and cuddled the rest of the night. I felt so safe in Justin's arms. It's always so warm and it feels like your never gonna get hurt when your in his arms. I'm still a little worried about Jordan though......               A/N: What do you think so far? Should I keep going? Do you like it?
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