Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


10. Moving Day

Your P.O.V.   Today's the day I'm moving in with Justin!!! Yay! I'm so excited!! I really love Justin and think its good we move in with each other. We've talked about it for two months now. Now it's finally happening. Yes, Justin and I have been dating 2 months! He's literally the most amazing guy ever. We always go on weird picnic dates at the park. He's so sweet to me. I really do love him. Every time I look at him I fall more in love. Those big deep brown eyes... They're amazing. I don't know what I would do if I said no to Justin. We're in the car now. Justin is driving and he has one hand on my thigh. Every time we touch I feel safe. "You excited to move in with me babe?" Justin asked with a big grin on his face. "I'm really excited baby! I can't wait!" I replied back. We came to a stop light. Justin leaned in and in whisper he said, "I can't wait either. I love you so much." And gave me a peck on the lips. The light turned green and in five minutes we were at my friends house!! The only thing I wasn't looking forward to is packing. I have so much stuff. But I can get it done with my man! ;) "Were here baby girl." Justin said, snapping me out of my day dream. Incase you couldn't tell, ever since we got together, I've been extremely happy. "Yay!" I squealed. Justin chuckled. "Justin?" I asked. I feel like I'm creeping him out with my happiness. Ha ha. "Am I creeping you out? You know, am I too happy all the time? If that makes since." I asked him, looking down at the ground. "No babe!" He chuckled. "I think it's cute! I love that your happy. I'm glad I can make you happy baby." He put one hand on the small of my back and kissed me. We walked to the door, our fingers intertwined, and unlocked it. We walked inside to my room and started packing. About two hours later we were at Justin's! All my stuff inside!!!! He ordered pizza and we ate on the living room floor, considering boxes of all my stuff were on his couches and table. "Glad your finally moved in babe. We've talked about this for months!" Justin said as he threw his pizza crust in the box. "Me too! I'm so happy!" I replied as I threw my pizza crust in the box as well. Justin and I were across from each other. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. We pulled away after awhile. Out out of breath. We smiled at each other and Justin spoke, "We should start putting your stuff up." "Yeah we should... C'mon get up." I said. We put all my clothes in his HUGE walk in closet, put my small furniture in his basement, and jumped into bed. We cuddled for the rest of the night and kissed... A lot;)... I'm so glad I finally got to move in with him!!! My life just got ten times better.              AN: SORRY IT'S SO SHORT!
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