Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


8. I Thought We Were Best Friends

Your P.O.V.   Justin and I were on the couch cuddling. We had been doing a lot of cuddling and I repeat A LOT of kissing! Haha. But I loved it! He's so sweet. I mean he's always sweet but I just love being in his arms! I can't stress it enough. It's been about a month since we've been dating. He would always take me to special places, take me on a romantic date every Friday night, or sometimes we'll just chase each other around the park getting weird states from parents. But I thought it was cute. He tickled me every time I won't cuddle with him or give him a kiss. Yes I know your thinking, "Why won't she give him a kiss?" Well, sometimes Justin and I just tease each other. I always would live to kiss him but, it's just to tease him a little. Justin and I have been closer then EVER since we started dating. Which is weird because we've been friends since we were 5 years old! All of a sudden being the weird person I am, I started poking Justin all over his face. I know, weird right? Before I knew it Justin had bit the you know what out of my finger!!! I know we have a pretty weird relationship but, I think it's cute the way we act around each other. "OUCH JUSTIN!" I screamed. There was a big bite mark on my finger. "Oh babe I'm sorry! I didn't know I bit you that hard!" He said with a sorry look on his face. I started laughing. "It's fine Justin! Don't be so sorry! You were just playing!" I said and pecked his lips. He pulled me back to his lips and kissed me passionately. We pulled back after what seemed like hours but was really a minute or two. "I'm gonna go take a shower baby. Ill be back on ten minutes!" I told Justin. "Okay but don't be too long!" He teased. I went into the shower and just let the water drip down my body for a few minutes just to relax. I heard the doorbell ring. "It's probably just the mail." I mumbled to myself.    Justin's P.O.V.   *YN* got into the shower. Man I love her so much. I could see a future with her! I've liked her since the 6th grade. She's so amazing. I don't what is do without her. I took her phone and unlocked it and started taking weird pictures of myself. I took at least 75 and put her phone up. There was a ring for the doorbell. I got up and answered it. Oh no. My ex girlfriend Selena. (An: even tho he's not famous I'm just adding this.)  "Hey Justin." She said with that evil grin on her face. "Go away Selena I don't want you anymore. I never did so stop messing with me." I shut the door on her but she put her hand on the door stopping it. I didn't wanna hurt her cause she's a girl. Before I knew it Selena crashed her lips into mine. I of coarse didn't kiss back. I tried pulling back but I didn't wanna hurt her.. I didn't wanna be aggressive. I wish she would stop. She would not pull back. I heard *yn* coming downstairs. Oh no!!! She'll think I'm cheating. Selena pulled back with that evil grin on her face and walked away. "THANKS A LOT SELENA!" I yelled sarcastically hoping that both *yn* and Selena would note the sarcasm. *yn* ran upstairs in my room and slammed the door. "BABE! PLEASE! OPEN UP!" I screamed through the door banging on it. I heard loud sobs coming from inside. I feel so bad. She'll hate me now... "Don't call me that! I wouldn't think that my bestfriend and boyfriend would cheat on me!" She screamed. "I didn't babe! Let me in I can explain!" I yelled back. "I know how this works Justin I've been cheated in now my 5th time in my life. I thought I could trust my bestfriend who I thought I loved." She yelled. I could tell she was crying hard. "Please let me in. I need to explain!!" I exaggerated. I heard footsteps coming towards the door. She opened it and stood in the door way. A sigh of relief escaping my mouth. "Well...." She said giving me a questioning look. "I - I." I stuttered. "Just what I thought." She said and stormed off. She started running to the front door, me running behind her. "*YN* NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!! I -" she cut me off. "I thought we were bestfriends!" She half yelled back, her tears causing her voice to go hoarse. "I need you." I finished in a whisper after she slammed the door. 
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