Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


7. I Love Her

Justin's P.O.V.   Last night *yn* had a terrible nightmare apparently. I felt so bad. Even though its just a dream. I woke up and was just staring at her beauty. My arms around her shoulders as her hands rested upon my chest, making my heart burn for her because I love her so much. I love having her in my arms. I'm so glad she's not just my bestfriend. My girlfriend. Ha ha I love saying that. I started kissing all around her face and her hands and her arms. I just wanna kiss her all day. I kissed her on the lips even though she wouldn't kiss back (because she was sleeping). I kissed the tip of her nose and her eyes slowly fluttered open. I quickly kissed her lips because I love it when she kisses back. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love her! I wonder If she loves me just as much as I love her.    Your P.O.V. I woke up and immediately felt those soft wonderful plump lips on my mine. "Good morning beautiful!" Justin said to me. "Good morning???" I said with a questioning look on my face. "Sorry baby. I just can't help it! I need your kisses in the morning!!" He exclaimed. I laughed at what he said. We just stared in each others eyes. Thoughts running through my head. It's already our 3rd day of Justin being my boyfriend.... Ha ha I love saying that. Any ways... It's our 3rd day of dating and I'm already just- I love being with him. More than anything. I can't express it enough. I hope he loves me as much as I love him. I got interrupted by my thoughts. "Let's go get some coffee from Starbucks!" Justin demanded. He pulled me out if bed and started walking to the door. "Justin! I'm not dressed!" I told him. I was wearing one of his shirts that stops just at the top of my mid thigh. "It covers plenty! C'mon lets go!" Justin dragged me outside and into the car. He's so cute, funny and outgoing. I love this crazy boy! The way Justin treated me last night when I had that nightmare was perfect. Only if I feel the tiniest bit of his touch I feel safe. And the way he held me... Perfect. I knew I loved Justin more than a friend but not this much! We reached Starbucks. Justin held my hand the whole way there. When I got out of the car, Justin put his arm around my shoulder and I wrapped mine around his waist. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "I love you so much!" And then he kissed my lips. We smiled at each other and grinning from ear to ear. "I love you so much too Justin!" I said and cupped his cheek with one hand and slid it down his face. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me so tight, no way could we get any closer but we tried. Ha ha. We walked in the doors of Starbucks. A bunch of guys were staring at me (cause I only had on Justin's shirt) and it was uncomfortable. But I trusted Justin. He gave them all mean looks. Justin set me down before we got to the line. We finally reached the front. The guy at the register stated at me. I nuzzled my head in Justin's chest. "Aye! Stop looking at my girl!" Justin stated firmly. "Oh! And we'll have one white chocolate mocha and a frappe!" He quickly added. "Oh- okay." The guy at the register stuttered. Justin went over to the other counter to grab our drinks and handed me the money to give to him. "Hey beautiful. We should go out sometime." He winked at me. "Um. Isn't it obvious I have a boyfriend." I said coldly and rolled my eyes at him. I walked away to Justin. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he frowned. "What's wrong babe?" I asked him. "My lips are lonely." He said and stuck his bottom lip out and blinked his eyes. We kissed quickly and grabbed our drinks. We left and Justin and I went to the park and he pushes me on the swings. It was like a fantasy. Like those couples on the movies! That's what it felt like. Being with Justin. I love him with all my heart.    Justin's P.O.V. I love her with all my heart.                AN: Sorry it's kinda short but it's just a filler chapter! (: COMMENT FAVORITE AND LIKE!!! Hope you like it!
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