Catching Feelings

Catching Feelings: Hi, I'm *yn* and I've been friends with Justin since we were 5. (He's not famous) Ive always had a little crush on him. Shhhh! But, I don't know if he feels the same. But the thing is, I have a boyfriend....


6. Cry For Help

Your P.O.V.   I woke up the next morning. Got up got dressed you know, the usual. I just realized Justin wasn't in bed when I woke up. He's probably making breakfast I thought. I went into the kitchen and there was a note on the counter. "Hey babe. I went to go get breakfast for the both of us so don't be worried. (: I love you babe. See ya in a bit! -JuJu" AWWW I thought to myself. A few minutes later there was Justin walking through the door. "Hey babygirl! Sleep good?" He asked me. "Of course! I was in your arms how could I not?" I replied and Justin chuckled. We chowed down on the breakfast he got us from McDonalds. "Hey Justin? I think me and a few of my friends are gonna go to the mall today. You don't mind do you?" I asked him. "But I wanna spend time with my baby! And what if you know... Jordan shows up?" "I'll be fine Justin! Trust me! And ill be back by 4 so we can have the rest if the day to do whatever with each other!" "Okay. Just call me if anything happens babe. Stay safe! I love you!" "I love you too babe. I promise ill be safe! Bye juju!" And with that I walked out the door, jumped in the car, and headed to the mall to meet up with my friends. About 15 to 20 minutes later I got to the mall. We went to a few stores and bought a lot of cute clothes! We went to Forever 21, Hollister, you name it we went there! "Hey guys? I'm gonna run to the bathroom real quick! Ill meet back up in a few at the food court?" They all nodded and I walked off. I was gonna call Justin and let him know I was okay. I got out my phone and dialed his number. While I was dialing it I ran into somebody. "Oh hey babe! You decided you want me back?" I heard the voice say. I looked up. Jordan. I should've listened to Justin. I knew I shouldn't have gone without him protecting me. Before I knew it I had been dragged to another room. That room was the "family bathroom" whatever you'd like to call it. Without a blink Jordan had smashed his lips to mine. Oh how gross he was. I wanted to puke. I tried to scream but it wouldn't come out. "What's the matter babe? Why won't you kiss me back? You don't love me?" He tried looking all innocent and sweet. Oh please. I'm not buying that again. "Get off me Jordan!" I yelled. Of course the walls are sound proof though. He smashed his lips on mine again. Of course i would never kiss back though. This time he pulled out. He swiped his hand across my cheek leaving a red mark. "KISS ME BACK OR ILL BEAT YOU AND YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND JUSTIN!!!!!" He screamed at me. His scream was scary. I wanted to go home. Home to Justin. I did something ill regret forever. I leaned in and started kissing Jordan. This is so disgusting. I guess I had accidentally pressed call on my phone when Jordan slammed me on the wall. "*YN* ARE YOU OKAY? WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard the voice from the phone. It was Justin. He must've heard all the screaming and yelling. Yes. I had been screaming from the top of my lungs. We pulled out. "WHO'S THAT *YN*?" Jordan yelled. I screamed really loud. Louder than ever. "THE FAMILY BATHROOM AT THE MALL!" I quickly screamed. "IM CALLING THE COPS!"Justin yelled through the phone. Jordan started shaking me and yelling things at me. His voice slowly came out of my head and I heard Justin. "*yn*! What's wrong? Wake up!" After a few minutes I sat up. Bawling my eyes out. "Babe what happened why are you crying?" Justin asked. I had a confused look on my face. "J- J- Jordan. Be- beat me and k- kissed me." I sobbed. He pulled me in a tight embrace. "It's okay honey. It just a dream. Just a dream." Justin rocked me back and forth and comforted me. What was weird was we alerted in the floor. I had stopped crying now cause Justin had let me know I'm safe now. "Why are we on the floor Justin?" "You fell off the bed silly goose!" He said and kissed my head. We got in bed abs I fell asleep once again in Justin's arms. When I'm not on his arms, everything seems like a nightmare. Well, I did gave a nightmare so I guess that's my point. Ha ha. 
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