Boarding School Turns Upside down

Angel is an exchange student from America. Her parents sent her to boarding school due to there scarce money. Once she arrives to London she was sent to boarding school. When she meets Harry, her world spins upside down. They spend every day together. Laughing, joking, and talking. But does Harry feel the same as she does? Will he fall head over heels for this American girl? Or fall for the popular British girls?


2. Meeting Louis and London

 Angel's PRO

(every 2 chapters will be the same persons prospective.)


I woke up at 2:00 in the morning just to catch a flight! I changed into the stupid school uniform. It was a white a blue long sleeve shirt, a red and black plad skirt, and knee high socks. Ew! I grabbed my bags and loaded them into the car.

"Say your good bye's Angel! Were leaving in 5 minutes." My grandmother yelled. I rolled my eyes and gave my parents hugs.

"Now don't go getting in trouble. Ya hear?" My mom said.

"I will be fine!" I said. I got in the car as my grandmother drove off.


We finally got to the airport there was a man with the sign that said, "Angel". I looked at my grandmother for approval.

"He is your leader. I guess that's what you call it. Love you!" She said. I grabbed my bag from the back and shut it. She then drove off leaving me with this stranger.

"Your Angel?" He asked. His accent was think. You may say he was quite attractive. He had glimmering blue eyes and was about my height. He had brown messy hair.

"Yes," I paused, "and you are?"

"Louis Tomlinson. The represanitive for the boarding school you and I are attending." He said. I smiled.

"So where's our flight?" I asked as we started walking.

"Gate 7." He said. We turned a corner, went up 2 ecelaters, and one flight of stairs. Then we say gate 7.

"It's a private jet?" I asked. I was speechless actually. He nodded. My bag was loaded and we boarded the plane.

" So are you exited love?" He asked. I nodded slightly.

"And nervous." I said.

"Your going to fit right in love."Louis said. He game me a big smile. I smiled back.

------------------------------------------------2 hours later------------------------

We landed in London after 2 hours of flying. I was handed my bag as we then entered a taxi.

"Miss Larwence's Boarding School please."Louis told the driver.

"So do you have my schedule? doom room?" I asked. Louis nodded and handed me the paper. I read it over and smiled.

"Thanks." I said. I looked out the window and took pictures with my Canon camera. We then where at the school. I jumped out and grabbed my bag.

"I will show you where your doom is then my lad Niall will show you around." Louis said. I nodded. We went up 2 floors on the elevator. Turned two cornors, and walked passed 7 doors. Louis knocked on the door with the number 135 on it.Then a girl about my age opened the door. She had on the same uniform as me. Her hair was in a braid over one sholder. She had on  a flower crown. Her eyes where a deep hazel.

"Hey Katherine this is Angel. Your room mate. She new here." Louis said.

"Hi." I whispered giving her a quirky smile.

"Hi! I'm Katherine but you can call me Kat!" She said happily. She grabbed my arm and dragged me into her room.

"Thanks Boobear."She said kissing Louis. So they are a couple?

"So are you guys a thing?" I asked once she closed the door.

"Yes."Kat said.

"So this is your bed and your wardrobe!" She said. She was bouncy and happy. Like I was when I had someone to love me.

"Thanks Kat!" I said. I put everything away and started putting up pictures. Then a knock was at the door. Kat opened it.  A boy was standing there. He had blonde hair,blue eyes, and was slightly taller than me.

"Hey Kate. I am here for Angel." He said. That must be Niall.

"That's me!" I said getting next to cat.

"Alright lets go."Niall said.


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