Adopted by one direction

This is about a 11 year old girl that gets abused by her dad. What happens when she tells the police will they put her for adopted? Will some on adopted her? Read to fine out.


2. Adopted

I started to wake up and that's when I saw five boys in my room " What are you doing in my room" I said " we are adopting you and I'm louis I'm Liam I'm Zyan I'm Niall and I'm harry and we are ONE DIRECTION " " I love your guys songs" I said " thx" they all said " here are your things to get going" Liam side so I put on my top and jeans and went out side were the boys were. " So who is my dad or something " " meeeeeeee" louis said " o." When we were leavening I can see girls ponting saying who is that girl or who is that bitch but l i mean dad said not to worry. When we got into the car harry said" so Sabrina is it ok if we call you Bina harry said " yes it ok." When we got to the house it was big when we walk in it was bigger then louis showed me my room it was big it had pink with red pot o dot on it " Sabrina I think you need to get some rest ok" louis said " ok dad" so when her life I put on my pj's and went to bed        ( I need help should I put love with Sabrina and one with the guy  even she is 11 tell me what you think) 

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