Adopted by one direction

This is about a 11 year old girl that gets abused by her dad. What happens when she tells the police will they put her for adopted? Will some on adopted her? Read to fine out.


1. Help

Hi my name is Sabrina I'm 11 I have blond hair blue eyes I have no mom because she died because my dad killed her and hide-it. Now I get abused by my dad and... I think that's all. I hired a door open and close It was the hell dad. " SABRINA GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW " yelled my dad. As I walk to were my dad was and when I got there he had a pan in his hand he came running to and BOOM I was knock out like a baby. As I started to wake up I see my dad next to me on the bed and then I notice that me and him were naked. I try not to cry but did not want him to wake up. I got up but fell on my butt it made a little noise but he did not wake up thank god so i tried agin to get up and when I did I  put on my clothes and went to my room got all I need it and ran to the door to leave this hell that you call home. I was not that far from home when I saw the police but before I almost got there I can see my dad running to me " SABRINA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE" but that's when I ran into a police man. " sorry be careful next time ok" the police man said " help me my dad is -"  I was cut off by my dad hitting me in the head and  that's when the police man shot my dad and I can feel my eyes closing and that's when it all black. 

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