One Direction Imagines

This is all One Direction imagines. I'm not doing requests anymore due to the fact that I have a LOT to write at the moment and I wouldn't want this Movella to be too long. I repeat, NO MORE REQUESTS!! But thanks to the people helping me write this with their requests! :) Enjoy!


2. Zayn: Jealousy

                   Zayn: Jealousy 
    Imagine: You really love your boyfriend Zayn, but you just can't contain your jealousy as he talks with his beautiful fans. So one day you walk up to him and say: "Babe you should just break up with me. I'm not good enough for you"

    You start to cry as he pulls you into a hug. Zayn says in a soothing tone: "Sweetheart, you may not think you're beautiful, but you're perfect to me and I don't want you to change a bit! And I love you too much to break up with you baby."

    You smile and wipe away a tear as he grips your hand and kisses you on the forehead. "I love you too Zayn."

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