One Direction Imagines

This is all One Direction imagines. I'm not doing requests anymore due to the fact that I have a LOT to write at the moment and I wouldn't want this Movella to be too long. I repeat, NO MORE REQUESTS!! But thanks to the people helping me write this with their requests! :) Enjoy!


8. Louis: Vacation (for Mia)

         Louis: Vacation (for Maya)
    Imagine: You and Louis have been dating for about a year now and you think that he might be the one. One day Louis surprises you with plane tickets to Paris. You're so excited! You give him a quick kiss and start packing immediately.

    The whole plane ride there, Lou kept poking you and being annoying, so you had to try your best not to be mad at him since you were on vacation. When you get to your fancy hotel, you unpack your bags.

    You were planning on exploring the hotel, but unfortunately, jet lag took over and you fell asleep on the floor. When you woke up, you were laying in bed beside Louis who was staring at you. "Good morning gorgeous." He whispers in your ear. 

    You're still very tired, so you just smile and roll over in bed. "Oh no you don't!" Lou says as he jumps on top of you. "I have big plans for us today Maya." He says in a singsong voice as he jumps on top of you.

    "Ouch! Lou you idiot get off of me! I'm awake alright?" You yell at him. He chuckles and pulls the covers off you. "C'mon love! Get dressed and lets go get breakfast! I'm starving!" 

    After you and Louis eat, he takes you to the Eiffel Tower and you two take many pictures together. By the time you finally get back to the bottom and go to the gift shop, it's already about 5 pm since you two woke up so late.

    You and Louis go to a fancy shop and get some food for a picnic. You then go to an inland lake and eat your picnic dinner on the beach that is there. Afterwards, Lou suggests that you two go for a walk along the beach.

    As you walk hand in hand with him, you talk and joke with him until he suddenly gets very serious with you. He stops and holds onto both of your hands, looks in your eyes and says: "Maya, you are the most amazing woman in the world. You're my best friend and I love you."

    Nothing could have ever prepared you for what he did next. Lou let go of your hands, got down on one knee, and pulled a little black box out of his pocket and opened it. Tears instantly start forming in your eyes.

    "Maya, I want to be with you for the rest of my life and start my own family with you. Will you marry me?" Tears of joy rolling down your cheeks, you nod your head. "You will?" He asks. "Of course!" You tell him before you go in for a long and passionate kiss.

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