One Direction Imagines

This is all One Direction imagines. I'm not doing requests anymore due to the fact that I have a LOT to write at the moment and I wouldn't want this Movella to be too long. I repeat, NO MORE REQUESTS!! But thanks to the people helping me write this with their requests! :) Enjoy!


23. Harry: Titanic (for Hayley)

          Harry: Titanic (for Haley)
    Imagine: You and Harry are having your second date tonight. On your first date with Harry, you mentioned that you've always wanted to see the movie Titanic. So tonight, you and Harry are watching Titanic together.

    You and Harry sneak up to his room with snacks and decide to change into comfy clothes before the movie starts. You change into your comfy sweatpants that say Pow-Wow on the butt and a plain white t-shirt that you "borrowed" from Harry. You walk back into Harry's room and he's dressed in his dorky, yet adorable onesie.

    You giggle at Harry an how cute he looks in it. "What? Would you rather I be comfy by being naked?" He asks with a pouty face. "Although I reckon you would enjoy that. Wouldn't you Hayley?" He teases

    "Nooo thanks!" You say blushing like crazy. "Why don't we start the movie?" Harry says turning the lights off. You lay on your stomach on his bed and watch him put the movie in. 

    Your heart starts to race when Harry lays down right next to you and pecks you on the cheek with his warm lips. "By the way, nice shirt sweetheart." He says grinning with his adorable dimples. 

    "Thanks! I'm glad you like it!" You say giving him your best guilty smile. Time marches on, and you're loving the movie so far. You love how Jack and Rose are so incredibly sweet and how you wish you and Harry were like them. 

    Things start to get awkward when a sex scene comes on. Harry starts looking at you and you look at him. You and Harry start blushing and giggling like children while you watch Jack and Rose masturbate. 

    The sex scene is finally over and the ship is starting to sink. Harry pulls you closer and puts his arm around you as you start getting teary eyed when people start jumping off the sinking ship. The ship has sunk, and Jack and Rose are shivering alongside each other in the freezing ocean.

    You look over at Harry and he's staring at you. You look at him and whisper: "This movie is so sad!" Harry rests his warm forehead on yours. Next thing you know, Harry cups your head in his big hands and kisses you hypnotically on the lips. 

    "I know it is baby." He whispers softly against your lips and you two cuddle with each other for the rest of the movie. 

    You and Harry fall asleep snuggling with each other at the end of the movie and you wake up in the morning laying on his bare chest. "Good morning baby." He says pecking you on the lips.

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