I'm In Love With My Bestfriend

Angeligue has known Cody Simpson and his family all her life, but what will happen when she starts to have feelings for him? Will he respond to her like she hopes he will, or will he tell her that they should just remain friends? Find out by reading this movella!


3. Afternoon date!

Angelique's POV

Today I'm going on a date with Cody, I can't wait! I got out of bed and went down to breakfast, where my mother had fixed pancakes. I ate very quickly so I could start getting ready for my date. 

I went upstairs to my room where I looked in my closet for something to wear, I decided on a pair of lace shorts, a navy blue ruffle shirt, and a pair of silver sparkle vans. I ran into my bathroom to get a shower by the time I was finished with my shower it was 11:00 I had one hour to finish getting ready. I brushed my teeth and did my makeup, for my makeup I decided to do a natural look with some light pink lipstick. I then curled my long blonde hair into spiral curls, and put a small bow on the side. 

I got my phone of of my nightstand and walked down the stairs to wait for Cody. About 15 minutes later he sent me a text that said that he was outside waiting. I got my purse off of the table and put my phone into it. I quickly ran out to his car and got in.

"Wow, you look great." Cody said smiling. "Don't I always look great?!" I said smirking."You know you do!" He said looking into my eyes, he gently kissed me on the lips. We then pulled out of my driveway, and starting driving down the road. 

Soon we arrived at a small restaurant that I really didn't recognize. "You're going to love it here, the food is great!" He said giving me a cute smile. "Okay Cody whatever you say!" I said looking at him.

It was a really cozy restaurant, the food was great, and it was really quiet so me and Cody had a lot of time to talk. Soon I got a text from Alli saying that Cody had something else planned for the evening.


Cody's POV

After dinner I plan to teach Angelique how to surf. We soon left the restaurant and I drove to my house. "Why are we at your house?" Angelique asked when we pulled into my driveway. "I'm going to teach you how to surf." I said replying to her question. "Awh, I've always wanted to know how to surf!" She said with excited tone to her voice.


Angelique's POV

Cody is going to teach me how to surf! I've always wanted to know how, and he is just the person to teach me. I ran to Alli's room so I could borrow a wet suit and her surf board. "Alli can I borrow one of your wet suits?" I asked her when I walked into her room. "Sure, they are right there in the closet." She said replying to my question. 

I walked over to her closet where I found a pink quiksilver wet suit. "Can I wear this one?" I asked Alli. "Sure." Alli said. I went into her bathroom and quickly changed into it. 

I walked out side to find Cody sanding the boards. "Are you ready?" He asked. "Yeah!" I said excitedly. "Great lets go!" Cody said. 

We soon were surfing the waves like pros! I was doing great, Cody was a great teacher. We got really tired so we decided that we would just lay on the boards out in the water. "Did you have fun?" Cody asked nervously. "Yes I really liked surfing! You are a great teacher." I said looking at him. "Good and thanks!" He said happily. 

We arrived back on the shore, and Cody said he would take me home. We were on our way to my house when Cody looked at me and said "Would you like to be my girlfriend? I really love you.". "Yes I would love too! I really love you too." I said smiling at him. We soon pulled into my driveway, and Cody said goodnight. We shared a passionate kiss that lasted about 20 seconds. 

"I will see you tomorrow." He said as I got out of the car. "Okay see you then." I said happily. 



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