I'm In Love With My Bestfriend

Angeligue has known Cody Simpson and his family all her life, but what will happen when she starts to have feelings for him? Will he respond to her like she hopes he will, or will he tell her that they should just remain friends? Find out by reading this movella!


2. A really sweet sixteen!

Angelique's POV

Cody and his sister Alli just arrived! But where is Ariana? Don't get me wrong I'm kinda of happy she didn't come but I thought that Cody would invite her.  "Hey guys!" I said as Cody and Alli walked in. "Hey birthday girl!" Cody and Alli said in unison. "Thanks for coming guys." I said. "No problem!" Alli said, I loved Alli she was like a sister to me, she was there for me whenever Cody couldn't be. "You're going to love the gift that Cody got you!" She said as we started walking throughout the house. "Could you give me a hint as to what it is?!" I asked Alli hoping she would give me a tiny hint! "No that would ruin the surprise!" She said as we met back up with Cody who was talking to one of his other friends Ryan. 

"Can I talk to you?" I asked Cody. "Yeah of course!" He said replying to my question. "Where's Ariana?!" I asked. "We broke up." He said sadly. "I'm sorry." I said but not really meaning it I really didn't care. "It's okay it isn't your fault." He said starting to look happier. 

After eating cake, and opening my presents it was time to get my present from Cody! 

"Time to get your present from me!" Cody said to me making me really excited and happy. "Yay it seems like I have waited all day!" I said giggling. "Can we go somewhere private?" He asked me. "Sure, is my bedroom okay?" I replied. "Yeah." He said smiling his perfect smile. 

We soon came to my room and we sat down on my bed. Cody soon pulled out a Blue Tiffany bag! "I hope you like it!" He said handing it to me smiling. I slowly opened the small bag to find a diamond infinity sign necklace. I change my mind about the most heartfelt gift this had to be it now. "I love it!" I cried. "I was hoping you would." He said smiling wide.


Cody's POV

I have to tell her how I feel! I'm no longer with Ariana and there's no time like the present right?


Angelique's POV

Cody had been really quiet for a while now, and I was starting to get worried. "What's wrong?!" I asked looking a Cody. "I have to tell you something and its really serious." Cody said looking at me seriously. "Okay, fire away!" I said looking at Cody. We sat there in silent for about 5 minutes before Cody opened his mouth to speak. " I love you Angelique." He said with a sincere look on his face. I was speechless for a while not knowing whether I was dreaming or not. Finally I found the words to say. "I love you too Cody." I said smiling. "I was hoping you'd say that!" He said, and before I even knew what was happening he crashed his lips gently on top of mine. I could feel the sparks flying as soon his lips touched mine it was like magic! 

Soon he was on top of me and we were passionately kissing we'd been like that for ten minutes soon we heard a knock on the door and Cody rushed over to look at something on my desk. To my surprise I opened the door to find Alli. "What have you guys been doing in here you've been up here for like an hour?!" Alli said with a smirk on her face. "Oh, nothing." I giggled. "Did you like your present?" She asked nervously. "Like is not the word, I love it!" I replied. I could hear Cody laugh as he walked over to me and Alli. "Cody I think it's time to go." Alli said looking at Cody. "Okay Alli we will" he said smiling at his sister. "I will see you tomorrow Angelique!" Cody said as he left my room. 


Cody's POV

I jumped into my Audi R8 and started to drive home. "What happened tonight between you and Angelique?" Alli questioned. "None of your business Alli!" I said. "You know you should tell me." Alli said looking at me with puppy dog eyes. "I don't have to tell you." I said giving Alli a smirk. "Really Cody?" Alli said giving me a angry look. "Why does it matter to you?" I said looking at her. "Because I'm your sister and you should be able to tell me what happened between you two because I know that something did." She said with seriousness in her voice."If you really need to know. After I gave her the necklace, I told her that I loved her and she said that she loved me too. After that we ended up making out for like ten minutes." I said looking at Alli. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe it I knew It all along." Alli said smiling. "How would you know?" I asked her. "Because if you just gave her the necklace you would not look so happy right now and she wouldn't have been so bubbly when she opened the door. " She said looking at me seriously. "True." I said smirking.



To: Angelique <3 From: Cody

Angelique be ready by noon tomorrow, I have something really fun planned!

To: CodyBear <3 From: Angelique 

Okay babe see you soon! <3

To: Angelique <3 From: Cody 

Goodnight babe! 

To: CodyBear <3 From: Angelique 

Goodnight CodyBear! <3



I hope this chapter was better than the first. I hope you like and favorite it. I need some readers so try and read! 

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