She Keeps It All To Herself ➳ L.T.

"Why do you always keep these things to yourself?" He screamed at me as a tear started escaping my eye. "I'm sorry Louis.." I whispered. He huffed "Scarlett, I've always been in love with you but I always pushed it in the back of my mind because of all the guys you bring around. I tried my hardest and now after 5 years of doing that, I finally get over you and you tell me you love me!" More tears are escaping my eyes. "I was afraid, okay? I was afraid you didn't love me back, I was afraid I was going to lose you forever! But it's okay you don't love me anymore go ahead, marry Eleanor but I'm not sticking around to watch!" I screamed. With tears blurring my vision, I ran out the door with Louis screaming behind me.

~Louis Tomlinson fan fiction~
*One Direction not famous*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


8. I know what I want.

Chapter 7

Scarlett's P.O.V.

I opened up my eyes cringing at the bright lights. After I got used to the lighting I looked to see that I was in a hospital room I turned to the right to see Harry sleeping in the chair next to my bed. I looked down to see my wrist all bandaged up and IV of blood connected to my arm. I knew why I was here I started remembering everything that had happened. Louis was probably happily married and on his honey moon not thinking once about me. I felt a tear trickle down my face and wiped away by someone else's hand I looked to see Harry awake and standing next to my bed. Before I knew it Harry's lips were pressed into mine. He pulled apart setting his forehead on mine.

"You really scared me Scar." He whispered.

"I know I'm sorry." I whispered back putting my lips back to his. He pulled away once more.

"You're being released today so you can go home!" He said. I looked down a fiddled with my fingers.

"Can I go home with you?" I asked. He gave a light chuckle and small smile.

"Of course love!" He said.

After about an hour I was released and was told I had to have someone watching over me at all times. We were now heading to my flat to pack some of my things. I walked up a couple flight of stairs to my door when I saw a tear stained Eleanor standing outside it. 

"Eleanor, what are you doing here and why are you crying?" I asked.

"Because Louis left me at the alter on our wedding he said he needed time to think and left! I can't find him anywhere and he won't respond to anybody's call or texts!" She sobbed. I felt Harry's grip get tighter around my waist.

"Well I doubt he's here but if calls you please let me know he's alright!" She said wiping away her tears and walking away.

I felt a huge lump in my stomach. I walked into my flat to see everything had been left as I had left it. I went into my room a packed a huge suit case and everything I needed and walked out to Harry who was sitting on the couch. 

"Do you want to find him?" He asked looking at the ground.

"No." I simply stated.

"Scar you almost.." I cut him off.

"I know but he said somethings and I just let my emotions take over I don't need him he should have just married her!" I said as I straddled Harry putting my arms around his neck.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"I know what I want and it's right in front of me!" He smiled as I pecked his lips. 

I still loved Louis a lot but I was certainly falling in love with Harry.

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