She Keeps It All To Herself ➳ L.T.

"Why do you always keep these things to yourself?" He screamed at me as a tear started escaping my eye. "I'm sorry Louis.." I whispered. He huffed "Scarlett, I've always been in love with you but I always pushed it in the back of my mind because of all the guys you bring around. I tried my hardest and now after 5 years of doing that, I finally get over you and you tell me you love me!" More tears are escaping my eyes. "I was afraid, okay? I was afraid you didn't love me back, I was afraid I was going to lose you forever! But it's okay you don't love me anymore go ahead, marry Eleanor but I'm not sticking around to watch!" I screamed. With tears blurring my vision, I ran out the door with Louis screaming behind me.

~Louis Tomlinson fan fiction~
*One Direction not famous*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


2. Grapes on the runway!

Chapter 2

Scarlett’s p.o.v.

After being at Starbucks for a couple hours with Lou I was finally home. I threw myself onto my bed facing the ceiling thinking about Louis. I really missed him it was amazing seeing him today and even better that he’s going with me tonight I mean I love being a model but the runway shows were so boring and I would get into so much trouble from my manger if I didn’t go. I turned my head and looked at the time it was now five-thirty so I jumped of my bed and headed to the bathroom to curl my hair, do my makeup and get dressed.

After I was done getting ready I heard a knock on the door so I looked through the peep hole to see Louis outside my door in a cute suit. I unlocked my door swinging it open to let him walk in.

“Hey boo bear!” I screamed wrapping my arms around his neck hugging him. He gave a chuckle.

“Hey Scar, you look beautiful!” I blushed.

“Thank you! You look handsome as well!” he grinned at my comment and walked in sitting on my couch turning the telly on to a footy match.I went and grabbed my jacket as I heard the limo honk outside the balcony .

“Lou the limos here!” I shouted from my bedroom coming out seeing him already at the door with his hand extended to take mine.

We walked down to the Limo jumping arriving at the show in a matter of ten minutes. I gave the host our tickets and we were escorted to table in the right back. We were about an hour into the show and still had two hours to go I threw my head back in boredom ready to leave already when I felt a round object hit me in the throat I looked up to find Louis holding in his laughter as I looked to the middle of the table where a big bowl grapes were for the guest I looked up at Louis one more time and he quickly looked away.

I took a hand full of grapes putting my hands under the table so he wouldn’t notice I had them and quickly took one in my hand throwing it hitting him directly in the head. I was holding my breath trying not to laugh out loud. Louis took a grape aiming for me but hitting the lady behind me we hurriedly sat next to each other looking straight at the models like we didn’t do anything as the lady turned around. Our faces were so red  from trying not to laugh I had tears about to burst on how funny it was after we calmed down I told Louis to watch as I took a grape throwing it at a men a couple tables ahead of us.

He turned around quickly asking the guy if he threw the grape at him the other man quickly said no but the other guy didn’t believe him so he threw five grapes at him. Before we knew it everybody was throwing grapes at each other sending me Louis into fits of laughter. Security guards were trying to calm everybody down trying to figure out who started it so I quickly grabbed Lou’s hand dragging him towards the exit.

I called the limo off since the show still wasn’t supposed to be over for another hour. So we started walking to my flat talking and laughing about how funny everybody’s faces were when the grape fight started. We stopped outside my flat.

“Goodnight Louis I’ll have to bring to shows with me more often!” I giggled.

“I will have to because seeing you only once a week isn’t enough!” He chuckled and I sighed

“It really isn’t plus it gets pretty lonely in my flat all by myself at times!” He gave a smirk.

“Then why don’t we move in together?” My smile grew wide.

“Oh I would love that!” He smiled.

“Great well talk more about later goodnight Scarlett!” He said as he kissed my cheek

“Goodnight boo bear!” 

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