She Keeps It All To Herself ➳ L.T.

"Why do you always keep these things to yourself?" He screamed at me as a tear started escaping my eye. "I'm sorry Louis.." I whispered. He huffed "Scarlett, I've always been in love with you but I always pushed it in the back of my mind because of all the guys you bring around. I tried my hardest and now after 5 years of doing that, I finally get over you and you tell me you love me!" More tears are escaping my eyes. "I was afraid, okay? I was afraid you didn't love me back, I was afraid I was going to lose you forever! But it's okay you don't love me anymore go ahead, marry Eleanor but I'm not sticking around to watch!" I screamed. With tears blurring my vision, I ran out the door with Louis screaming behind me.

~Louis Tomlinson fan fiction~
*One Direction not famous*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


3. Double date.

Chapter 3

*2 weeks later!*

Scarlett's P.O.V.

Louis and I had just finished up moving all of his stuff into my flat and it was exhausting. I never knew a guy could have more stuff then a girl. I walked out of my room to find Louis watching a movie so I sat down right next to him and watch to.

"So Scar I have a question?" He said turning his head towards me. Oh my what could his question be? Does he know I have feelings for him? Does he return them? All these questions were circling my mind until he snapped his fingers in front of my face.

"Oh sorry what's the question?" I asked very curious now.

"Well you see I've bee talking to this girl who's a family friend and I want to take her on a date but I don't want to go alone so I figured maybe you would go on a double date with Harry!" He stated rather then asked. My heart sank I felt like I was going to cry my feelings were geeting deeper and deeper everyday. Pull it together Scarlett answer him!

"Uh okay but why Harry?" I questioned.

"Because he's always liked you I just knew he wasn't your type but I figured you'd give it a shot right?" I choked up for a second.

"Uh I guess why not?" I said standing up to go to my room.

"Great we leave at 7 tonight and dress nice!" He yelled as I walked away.

I closed my bedroom door and locked it. Letting the warm tears spill down my face. I really didn't want to go this date. I didn't watch the guy I love be with another women. I laid on my bed for awhile letting the pillow soak up my tears. I looked at my clock it was now five thirty I jumped up going to the shower to drain my thoughts. I stood there frozen just letting the water trickle down with my tears. I got out of the shower making my tears stop so I could get ready. I got dressed doing my hair and makeup too. .

"Scarlett they'er here!" Louis shouted from the living room. I walked out of my room to find Harry, Louis, and the girl waiting for me. She was gorgeous no wonder why he liked her. 

"Scar this is Eleanor and you know Harry already!" He said smiling. Eleanor gave me a smile.

"Hello and you can call me El for short!" she said.

"Hey!" I said back faking the best possible smile. 

"Well let's go!" Louis chimmed in.

Louis and Eleanor walked out of the door hand in hand. Harry grabbed my waist leading me out the door as he bent down to my ear.

"You look beautiful Scarlett!" He whispered in my ear. I felt my cheeks flush red.

"Thank you! You don't look to bad yourself Styles!" I said not knowing Louis could here me ahead as I noticed his head turn at my words. I avoided all contact of Louis and Eleanor ahead of us so my eyes were mostly starring at the ground or Harry. We arrived at the restaurant down the street from the flat with in five minutes. The host showed us to our tables which where right next to each other. We had ordered our food and were just waiting Louis and Eleanor having a conversation to themselves.

"So Harry how have you been?" I questioned turning my attention away from Lou and El.

"Good I guess you?" I smiled.

"I've been alright just working alot!" I said as or food came. I could myself stare constantly at how cute Louis and Eleanor were being. Why couldn't that be me? When is this date going to be over? After twenty minutes of hell the dinner was finally over. As we walked out the doors Harry grabbed me by my waist.

"Hey Louis! Scarlett and I are going to catch up with you later!" Harry said as we were going to go the other way. Thank god he said this I really didn't want to go home and watch them cuddle on my couch. I noticed a glare from Louis's eyes. What the hell was that for?

"Okay see you later guys!" He said taking El in the opposite direction.

We walked down the lit up streets with Harry's arm tightly wrapped around my waist. We walked up to a park bench and sat down.

"You love him don't you?" Harry asked.

"What?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows together.

"You love Louis but you won't tell him!" He said. My heart dropped. How did he know?

"How did you know?" I questioned. Harry gave a light chuckle.

"Well I figured by the way you wouldn't even look up from the ground because they were right in front of us and the way you starred at them when they did cute things!" I turned my head to face Harry a tear ready to fall. 

"I don't know how to tell him and I'm afraid he doesn't love me back or will stop being friends!" I said with a whisper.

"Trust me Louis has always had feelings for you! You need to tell him and if anything goes wrong you have me for help! Heck I'm even surprised Louis let me on this date with you!" Harry said with a chuckle and taking his thumb wiping away a tear.

"Thank Harry!" I said.

"Anytime love!" And without thinking I pressed my lips into Harry's getting a little shock when our lips meet. When we pulled away Harry had a smirk.

"Look Scarlett I really liken you but you have to see if Louis and you work out I'm not going to stand in between true love!" 

"Any girl would be lucky to have you!" I said.

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