Writer's Paradise: Issue 1

Ever wish to meet one of your favourite Movella writers in real life? We will help bring that dream into a reality with gossip from the inside. In this issue, we will be featuring author interviews, a bunch of posters for you and your friends, authors' lives outside books, letters to the editor, notes from authors to fans, cover ratings, book recommendations, reaction to fan fictions, and fun games for you and your friends!

I am recruiting reporters who can help me get information and write!


6. Reaction to Fanfictions

Title: Tonight's Cloudy Sky

Author: shefancies1D

Reaction by: MovellasReporter

First off, I'd like to say... since no one volunteered for this column, I decided to try it out myself. Keep in mind, I've read about 5-10 fan-fictions since I've started on this website. Also... I hope you guys know I'm not the biggest fan of fan-fictions. 

The statistics of this movella were:

Likes: 293

Favourites: 458

Views: 10750

Approx hours of the book: 4 hours (I only read half the movella.)

The actual reaction:

When the author said that the main character was claustrophobic, I knew that it was going to be a big part. This was mainly because I felt like that was how the story was going to begin. A girl is claustrophobic, then she faints in front of One Direction, they go "oh no!" Then she gets rescued and they live happily ever after! 

I was kind of close... So she goes to a 1D concert and she gets pushed around by the thousands of fans waiting for the doors to open to the stadium. She feels like she has to get out so she sits outside the back door. Then her favourite 1D member, Niall, comes out since he is ALSO claustrophobic and asks if she's okay.... then she faints! He then takes her to the dressing room and when she wakes up and see the boys, she runs out of the room. And just like in fairytales, she leaves her cell-phone in the dressing room by accident, so Niall runs after her to give her the phone. But the sneaky guy added her number into his cell. Then he asks her out or something... Her four other friends also love One Direction. 

When I read this I thought, "Typical story, ugh!" But, this was actually okay. I like how she described the girls. I could clearly imagine the surroundings and everything. 

The thing I didn't like was that it was so fake. There were a total of 5 girls, and then there are 5 guys in the band. This is really fake because each girl likes a different guy. 

Also it was kinda unreal when Niall went out for a breath of air, just like the main girl, and then they fall in love with each other...


Rate: 3 out of 5 stars.


This is basically a review for fan fiction novels. I just called it a reaction, haha. 


Thanks to Rustyrose for adding this reaction. I finished this magazine before receiving this, so please ignore the fact that I said no one volunteered to do this part. 

Fan Fiction reaction

Name: Falling

Author: Sassy but Sweet


241 favs

1872 reads


This is one of those fan fics, the main characters perfect, she's rich, all the boys want her, uses pictures rather then describing etc. Nothing special or different about this fan fic. The spelling wasn't the worst I've seen, but there is definitely room for improvement. She obeys the laws of dialogue, but skips a lot of details. Also, you know what the author wrote after one of her chapters? This is word for word:

For the next chapter I want 99 likes, okay?

My god, I can't believe she requested likes.

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