Writer's Paradise: Issue 1

Ever wish to meet one of your favourite Movella writers in real life? We will help bring that dream into a reality with gossip from the inside. In this issue, we will be featuring author interviews, a bunch of posters for you and your friends, authors' lives outside books, letters to the editor, notes from authors to fans, cover ratings, book recommendations, reaction to fan fictions, and fun games for you and your friends!

I am recruiting reporters who can help me get information and write!


10. Next month:

Some ideas I have for next month's issues are:

- Interviews

- Featured movellas

- Fun apps to download

- Opinion outburst (opinions on anything you'd like)

- Movies of the year

- Movellas of the month (hidden gems)

- Games such as polls

So much more! Favourite and look forward to the next issue! 

Should the next issue be in another movella or be continued in this one?

Comment your opinions below!



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