Writer's Paradise: Issue 1

Ever wish to meet one of your favourite Movella writers in real life? We will help bring that dream into a reality with gossip from the inside. In this issue, we will be featuring author interviews, a bunch of posters for you and your friends, authors' lives outside books, letters to the editor, notes from authors to fans, cover ratings, book recommendations, reaction to fan fictions, and fun games for you and your friends!

I am recruiting reporters who can help me get information and write!



Thanks for reading this! 

Thank you to everyone who's so enthusiastic for the next issue.

Looking at the time, the next issue will actually probably be coming out October, 2013 instead of September. So it'll probably be the schedule. A new issue every 2 months... or maybe it'll change, who knows?

Keep sending in your entries because so far they're looking amazing.

For Sakura: Please add the date on the cover to be October :)


Thanks for the support and the feedback!

It's been much appreciated! 

I'll be gone for the next week since I'm finally going on vacation.

See ya soon,

Movellas Reporter.


P.S. I'm loving the new tagging system!

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