Writer's Paradise: Issue 1

Ever wish to meet one of your favourite Movella writers in real life? We will help bring that dream into a reality with gossip from the inside. In this issue, we will be featuring author interviews, a bunch of posters for you and your friends, authors' lives outside books, letters to the editor, notes from authors to fans, cover ratings, book recommendations, reaction to fan fictions, and fun games for you and your friends!

I am recruiting reporters who can help me get information and write!


4. Cover Ratings:


The Savages By: Matt Whyman 
Report: "I'd Rate this one a Four (5 star scale). I like how it is Different. Reminds me of an old tv show. And the way 'The Savages ' is written. Its immediately captures my attention. Funny that they say dont judge a book by its cover, Although most of the time thats the very thing that causes attraction to the book itself. Its very professionally made from how the have the authors name written on the bottom so it doesnt take away from the other things on the book cover." ★★★★☆ 4Star

Shifting By: NeonWolf 
Report: "This one is a Five to me. Its hard finding pictures online to cover something Cat-like apparently. Considering I havent read this book the cover automatically makes me think its about a girl thats half cat half girl. Or some kind of Cat Lion Women stuff. I love the way the Font is also it fits the book perfectly." ★★★★★ 5Star.

Daddy Won't See By: Jayla Quaaid 
Report: " I Like this one. It isnt too vulgar like most romantic books. It causes attraction to itself from how the people seem to 'glow'. Which btw makes it look so adorable. It lets the reader know automatically that it is a Love Story." ★★★★☆ 4Star.

Thank you, Tasha.

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