I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


8. Thursday Friday lastly Saterday prt1



Yeah im winters dad. I found er easly thanks to Keith her best guy friend.

HA sure 'friend' but he swears on it that he never did that with my slut of a daughter.

I know he did. She now lives with this gay band (a/n not really i love my boys!!) One direction more like One Dierection (a/n thats my brothers idea lol right pretty creative but still hate) Pffff.

Keith did this because they hate each other now because she is not 'into' him.

He said we can find her anywhere but One Directions house she most likely told them.

Yes about what i did to her.

The thing is i know i did it im not gonna play dumb.

I beat the shit out of her everyday when she came home.

But then i got a job. I came home 15 mins. after she got home. Then about a week after i got my job a cop was hiding in the house.

I got tazed and then put into jail since they had a video for 10 fun years. I went in with 1 tattoo then came out with 49 exact.

Ohh and i have NO guilt the only thing thing i regret is not killing the bitch. Now shes a famous spoild bitch.

By the way my name is James Andrew Lynch III.

Winter POV

WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GONNA DO. WHAT AM I KIDDING THERE IS NO WE ITS JUST FUCKING ME!!!!! Harry punched the wall in anger. Like he cares. No one cares. Why would they. they just got me because Paul told them too. For publicity. I may be 17 but im not a retard. Ill just die the way everyone dies in my family murder. I just want it over with so im never seen again.

Thats what dad said on the day he was taken away that im just gonna get killed when hes out. But now its true.



We took Winter to our bomb shelter. She will be in there in till that monsters gone. I still dont know what he did to her but she is scared. She made Zayn promise not to tell anyone in till her ex dad is dead the normal secerity are off today so we have the FBI involved. No one knows though. Besides Zayn and i.

He said that what her dad did was very wrong so we got high secerity. He will die though they said last time this happend he almost had to get killed. so SHIT.


my walkie said "see lurking figure is target in Kitchen".

Thats our code name for bomb shelter.

"zzz... yes sir...zzz" I said.

The bomb shelter is hidden under ground not even the FBI know where it is.





A/N hi i know part 1 (is gayyyyy) but im about to pass out ill write part 2 in the morning. IM IN LOVE JUST SAYING!!! BYE LUV YOU xx

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