I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.




This is the best party and the chicks are all over me. So maybe ill get lucky while Winters at home with the Fags.

I mean Winter is IN LOVE with me so i dont give a fuck.

Okay imma party now hahaha.

Harry POV

i told the lads im gonna go to that Party to watch Lake.

I truly will kill him if i see him cheating. No i need a calm ill just video him and if he gos in a room with a girl i know hes a cheater ill send it to Niall and he will show the others.

Then Zayn will tell Winter.

I hope they dont think im trying to break them up im just trying to save Winter from giving Lake her rose.
Im at the party and im watching Lake flirt with some blonde chick. FUCK now their kissing ill start to video now.

"you know i really li-love you" Lake said.

"show me hove to lo-love me Lanke" these to are so fucking drunk its so funny.

"okay lets go wait whats your name."

"its Kathline now lets go to your room" Kathline pulled him into a random room and locked the door shut.

Winter is gonna hate us all but who want a 17 year old girl to be crushed over a guy.

Well i dont but i think she should wait longer for that guy who loves her to the point they dont need sex.

me: heres the video  video3097

Ni: thx bro ill show it to the guys

me: okay mate ill be home in 10

Ni: got it bye.

Okay well The TROUBLE just begins...

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