I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


7. Some Deep Shit...

Louis Pov

After Harry kissed my daughter i wanted to kill him. But its been two days i need to move on.

Winter just went in her room to read.

I walked in she seemed focused on her phone a tear fell from her eye.

"whats wrong Win?" i asked as a parent.

"i-its nothing l-lou just t-tired.." she struggled to speak somethings eating her up.

"Win you know you can tell me anything right.." She looked broken like i said something wrong.

'I-i cant Lou i-im so sorry" now i know somethings up.

"look at me" She looked me in my eye "tell me whats wrong ill be you diary but this time i wont spill?"

"Its too b-b-bad" She really started to cry.

Harry walked in so did Zayn.

"hey whats wrong with her?" Zayn asked while Harry stayed shut.

"She wont tell me Zayn since you lived with girls forever get her to speak." I demanded.

"whats on your mind my little waffle?"he asked. They are like brother and sister.

"Zayn i-i-i need to hide from them!" She stutterd.

"Who little grape?" she hugged him and gave him her phone. How does he do that. Harry left.

Zayn gave me her phone to me and then i read the texts.


555-9393: Hey baby girl its daddy missed me.

winter: How the hell did you get this number you basterd

555-9393: A friend ill get you on friday

winter: no your not you dont know where i am you fucker

555-9393: i know where you are i located your phone retard

winter: why do you want me

555-9393:i never finished you never let me instead you got the pigs on me and then i went in for 10 years now you 16 or 17 so haha its gonna be more fun

winter: shut up and your not my dad anymore not after 1st grade you sick basterd. Plus i have a real dad now.

555-9393: you whore just like you mum lucky she killed her self when you were 13 haha

winter: SHUT UP

555-9393: when i get you your dead or a slut on the streets. that will teach you a leason.

winter: you wont find me and if you do i have something what will make you disappear.


Woah when i find him hes in Some Deep Shit...

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