I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


18. Harry you are so sweet PART 1


Its time for our date i made a reservation at a really fancy restront. Its called Madeem Carolines Restront Its 5 stars and very french.

I wore a tuxetto. But she walked out in a amaZAYN dress (see what i did there lol). Its was a ballroom dress that was a light purple and was long it only had one strap. i think my jaw droped because she was blushing like crazy.

"Are you ready Winter?" i asked.

"Yes where are we going" She questioned.

"i cant tell you but your dressed up perfectly for it" i said cheekily.

"Ohh" she blushed agian. Ohh my gosh she is so cute when she blushes.


"And here we are i already have a reservation" i pointed at the restront. She gasped.

"Harry this place is so fancy" She was stund.

"I know but its all for you i even got us a window seat and we can look at the Statue Of Liberty."i said.

"WOW Hazz this is amazing how did you know this is my dream date" she laughed.

"Babe you talk in your sleep about like everything even things i wish you never said" Its true she talks in her sleep but its very cute.

"OHH yeah keep your mouth shut styles." This time i chuckled.

" 'Im your queen and i think your all losers' ohh and my faverate 'yes harry i will marry you' " she said those things in her sleep.

"Shut up Styles or i will-"

"ill take you two your seat its table for two right Mr.Styles?" The waiter interrupted.

"Thank you Sir and yes table for two." He took us too the second floor and gave us our window seat.

She looked outside the sun was dropping and the Statue looked amazing she was smiling and looked beautiful.

"hello Im your waiter but please call me Andrew would you want anything to drink" Andrew asked.

"Yes i would like the wine and some water and Winter would like some sprite" I said while looking at winter.

"okay sir ill be right back.'' Andrew said while walking away.

"How do you know i like sprite?" She smiled.

"When you first moved in you only drank the sprite even though we had like everything" She smiled at that.

"Here you go sir Your wine and your water and Ma'am heres your sprite Jesse will be around to get your food orders" He smiled.

About 3 minates later a waitress came around she looked 18 and had blond curly hair.

"Hi Im Jesse and as Andrew said im here to get your orders but before that now to be rude but are you Harry Styles and Winter Tomlinson?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah we are. are you a fan." I said.

"Yes but Just another Question are you two on a date."Winter smiled at jesse.

"Yeah we are but can we order our food and then when you get back we can Sign a peice of paper or get a picture." I said.

"Ohh im so sorry what can i get you Sir." Jesse asked.

''ill take the grilled lobster and noodles." I looked at Winter.

"ill take the Crab salad with no sause." Winter looked at me and smiled.

"Okay that will take 10 Minates" Jesse said and walked away.

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