I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


10. Falling Into Trouble

Winter POV

After my Dad died i felt safe.

I dont even go to school so im always home.

Louis watches me a lot and never talks to Harry.

After the kiss he and Harry had a awkward tension. I mean Harry is almost his brother. I messed it up the Bromance they had is now hatered. I just feel really bad.

But now i have a boyfriend

His name is Lake. He has brown hair and blue eyes love the color black. But im not aloud to date him. Harry hates him and Louis says hes trouble because he is a 'bad ass' yes thats my type. Hes 18 and we only kiss.

Harry stole my first kiss. So Lake has my second.

I know hes a 'bad ass' because he drinks and smokes cigrettes and marijaunna. I do neather i only Party.

He has tryed to go all the way but i said and i quote 'hell nah im waiting for marrige. He hates it but my Dad (Louis) thinks its a great idea and said no marrige in till your 100.

I laugh at that ill get married when im 28.


Heres a text from my Boo...

Babe: hey babe lets go to that party tonight and after have a party in my room *wink wink ;)

me: your drunk, high and horny. Umm ill stay home and chill with my dad he leaves for tour in like 3 days.


me: No remember 3 days then ill be without my dad so ill party hard.

Babe: that means your giving up your self to me.

me: no ill just party god no SEX!

Babe: uhhh then can i have a one night stand  with someone at the party

me: no

BYE LAKE! He is so mean sometimes. its been a week since we met and a month since James died (a/n its a yay for her i know it mean but her dad is a bitch and you know it).

"sweety are you going to that party" Louis said.

"no im gonna stay here with you guys."

"okay when are you and Lake the fake breaking up i wanna be there!" Louis joked. Lake the fake is his nickname.

"SHUT UP STRIPES! You know thats not happening." i said.

"i told you to call me dad, LOU or LOU BEAR!' he yelled.

"how about LOUser!" i joked.

"im TELLING LIAM!!!" Lou said.

I walked out and Lou was complaining to all of the boys of how i 'bully' him.

"LOUIS IS COMPLAIN TO US WINTER" they all said in unison.\

"YOU MEAN LOUser is" they all laughed and i sat on the chair next to Liam.

"do you have mean nicknames for all of us?" Zayn asked.

"Nope only for Lou, Laim and Harry" i said.

TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE!!" Niall begged.

"Liam is Li-ame Lou is Lou-ser Harry is Har-ible!" i laughed so did everyone but those 3.

"its only jokes i still love you all" they all looked happy now.

"serious though why do you like Lake Hes TROUBLE" Lou said.

"hes cute and funny" Niall snatched my phone. He knows my password they all do.

"hes a PERVERT ALL HE WANTS IS SEX WIN!" Niall yelled.

"I think its time you too break up miss" Louis said.

"YEAH! I dont want you to get hurt little Grape." Zayn said.

"You know i wont let him do 'that' and i wont get hurt Zayn." i said emberassed. I took my phone and went to my room it looked diffrent from my old pink one its more me the skater chick.

I made this room since They only thought pink. I love blue so i chose blue.

The only one in the house who likes my room is Zayn because he helped me design it.

I dont like Zayn that way. Hes like my big bro.

He also HATES Lake.

We (Zayn and i) talked about Lake and he told me that Lake is not the guy for me.

He also said Lake is a bad influense.

Lake hates all of the boys i dont know why though he just said there band is gay.

I got really mad at him for that but he told me the truth.



My girlfriend is Winter. She is hot but never gives me her body.

So i am gonna cheat.

YES im drunk.

But who cares she'll still love me.


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