I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.



I went in my room and sat on my bed. On the bed next to me my friend was packing. She got adopted on my Birthday. I dont hate her for that. She was completely awesome. Tommarow she leaves. I do wish i was wanted.

"WINTER, come down stairs i have someone who wants to meet you..." Mrs.Shelby yelled.

I jumped out of my bed and ran out my room. I walked the stairs like someone wants to see me a lot. But truly this never happens.

When i looked to see who it is i stopped. I rubbed my eyes. Blinked a few times. The person who wanted to see me was more then one person their were 5 boys In front of me. The one who was looking at me had a worried expression. His name was Louis. My idle.

''hello Winter are you okay?" Louis smiled.

"Um excuse me im gonna go check my pulse!" i said with an open mouth. Harry laughed at me but im completely serious. I checked and then i held in my scream.

This was no a dream.

"C-can i h-help you g-guys?'' i studderd.

"Of course love!'' Louis joked.

"Ms.lynch Louis would like to adopt you." She said smileing.

I stood there like a retard and laughed.

The boys looked at me like im crazy.

I put on a serious face and walked up to Mrs.Shelby "DONT LIE TO ME'' i whisperd.

" Winter would you go pack your things." Louis said like a he was a 'grown up'.

"Okay ill go do that. my Things ill go pack"i said with sarcasm.

the boys laughed and i walked up the stairs. i went in my small dresser and stuffed everything in my bag. then on my dresser my bathroom stuff.

i zipped up my bag and walked down stairs.

"Can i drive my car instead of going with you guys i have my other bag in there.?."i half asked have stated.

"sure love but Niall will go with you to show you the way. Im not stopping for food this time Niall" he joked.

I looked at Niall he was the 2ed cutest "Sure'' i said.

I showed him my car. "This is a old car Winter" he stated.

I smiled "she is! thats why i love her.!" i joked. This car used to be Mrs.Shelbys but i bought it from her.

"winter lets stop at nandos?" he begged. Me as a fan i knew thats his favourate food place.

After he got his Nandos. He took me to The boys flat that they all shared.

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