I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


1. Another Failer Thanks To My Age.


I stood in the hallway listening to the conversation Mrs.Shelby Was having on the phone.

"Yes Mrs.Shelbys home for girls Shelby speaking...........Yes we do but shes 17 is that still okay......Okay im sorry about that...... But shes very sweet.....okay bye....?"She hung up and started to say 'shes never gonna get adopted'. I almost started to cry. Its true im 17 and people only want 10 years or younger.

Up there is a picture of me. I have black wavy hair. I can never get a tan. My eyes are a blueish color.

I was put in Mrs.Slelbys home for girls when i was 13 and a half. Yesterday was my birthday now im 17. When i turn 18 im leaving and moving to The United States Of America. Unless i get adopted then ill live in that town till im 30 or so.

I know its weird that i like planed my life ahead. I saved up all my money ever since i lived here. then i bought a car when i was 16 and got my lisence. I never really use the car thought. Only when i go out for food or go to work sometimes school. But most of the time i use the bus to save the earth and stuff.

Mrs.Shelby walked out of her office. She looked down at me. "Sweety, did you hear what i said in there...'' she asked. "yes i did and it true i only see kids getting adopted that are yonger then 10. Its okay."i answerd. She looked at me then wen to the front desk. She heard someone walk in...


~ Hello My fans my friends ... HAHAHA like i have any... any who i know i like have 3 fanfic that im writing at the same time... BUT ITS OKAY me and my friend IN REAL LIFE are writing this and CRAZY Right? together so dont scream MUM HELP IM OVERWELMED XXXXDDDD~

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