I Adopted a 17 year old Girl (still famous)

My name is Winter Tommlinson.
Yes as in Louis is my dad... Well not real dad i was adopted.


23. A/N must read becaus i need to tell you guys sumthing

Hey its me i know ive been off but my dad suprised us wit a Holiday and my mum told me to 'get out of the hotel explore with your cousins (aka Winter and Summer and Casey) go swimming and have fun' it will be over on the 8/10/13.

yes Winters real and Summer is her twin but she dyes her hair ALOT.

Casey is like my age but my BFSMS Best friend since middle school so yeah.

Why they are with us is because its like them and there parents. we are in london btw. IT REALLY FUN but my mum is visiting my dads Mum so im a Brit but moved to america when i was 15...


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