You, My Everything

Emily's life changed before she even met Harry, more or likely he didn't change until he showed her what real love is. Being a girl who never had a boyfriend or even ever thought of having one. She found Harry. Emily realizes that her enemy is herself and no one else, the war in her mind is made up by her and Harry tries every day to even keep her sane and to keep her...her. When Harry has the struggle of being in a boyband and being forced to be seen with different people it's hard for Emily to be trusted with Harry. They realize that they will face the odds no matter how hard it may be in this world today.


1. Prologue

It all started with a "Come to my party, come on it'll be fun" I met this person who I didn't know at the time could change my entire life, the one who could be there when I fell. I can't lie, I was did feel even more depressed when I met him, like I envied his life so much and now I am his life. Do I envy myself or is that someone else's job? I knew who he was, I was a devoted fan. We became friends, the natural way of course; he made me smile and feel like I belonged here. As the days went on, he was given new people to go out with by his awful management. I prefer to call them Nazi's. I had never thought that I'd be telling you this story, my story and how I dug myself out the whole of depression with the help of a boy who's changed into a man over time. You know him, I know him. He goes by the name of Harry, the brave boy. I like to call him the baker boy, he still bakes, probably why he dated Taylor Swift but we won't get into detail. Without further it due, my life is put into words, remember who the real enemies could be yourself. 

Emily xx 

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