The South | My Michelle

Maritza Michelle Frein never had a normal life. She grew up travelling the south with a car. She was the only - and unexpected - child of Nancy Frein and Daniel Lonter. As you can understand from the surnames, her parents never got married. After Daniel's death Mari and Nancy settled down around Phoenix and started working at a small pub in an abandoned town far from the city. But what will happen when Mari meets a stranger that protects her from a man that wants to marry her but she hates? Will she marry him because he thretenes her with the life of the man she loves, or will she find the solution in getting in a car and chasing her love on the roads for the rest of her life?


1. My Girl



Mari leaned her head to the window of the car and watched the raindrops fall down. She was sitting on the back seat and she could barely move in her place because of all the stuff Nancy and Daniel put in the car. There wasn't even one piece useful inside all those things: a broken lemon squizer, thousands of little pieces of sponge, a stiffen racoon with a missing leg and tail... She could make a long list.

Her parents were arguing about which way to go but she wasn't paying attention. After all, she was going to go anywhere they take her. No choice. No chance of expressing her oppineon. She just followed. Wherever they took her.

It was not different with her parents. They didn't decide where to go too. They just went. The went to where the wind took them. And they pulled little eleven years old girl to wherever they went to.
"From here we need to go
west if we wanna go to Dallas." Daniel shouted.
"No babe, you're wrong. It's on the
east." Nancy yelled back.
Mari kept looking outside. Just then she saw a little wooden sign on the right of the highway.
Dallas it read."Nancy, Daniel" she yelled. "Look! There's a sign to Dallas. Its on our south." They both stopped shouting at each other and looked at the point where their little girl was pointing at. "I want beer."


"I want beer!" Mari opened her eyes and got her head up rubbing her eyes. There was an angry man glaring at her behind the counter. He seemed even scarier under the blue and green flourecant light that kept turning on and off repeatedly. She had a terrible headache. Where the hell am I? she thought. Then she realised. Maggie's. It was the name of the pub where she and Nancy worked in. "Beer!" The man growled. She took a glass and put some beer in it uncarefully and handed it to the man to get rid of him. She sat on a stool with a missing leg. She put her elbow on the counter and rested her head on her fist.

She looked around to see Nancy. She was far away on left talking cheerfully with two man and putting whiskey in a glass. Mari had always wondered how Nancy could be so energetic all the time. In that was Mari was a lot alike Daniel. She liked her sleep. And with the job she'd got, she had to work right in the hours that she was supposed to sleep. If she had a chance she'd never work there for another night but it wasn't her choice. She needed food to stay alive and that  required money.

She'd never liked the life in that small abandoned town. There was almost no one that visited the town from outside but there was enough citizens to keep her working all night. Actually it wasn't only Sawmill. She didn't like to live in a spesific place. She liked the life on the road better. That was probably because that was how she'd spent the first twelve years of her life.

Another man appeared on the other side of the counter and asked for champaign. She untied the sleeves of the tshirt that she had tied on her waist to keep her clothe clean and took it off. She went next to Nancy and told her to give the man champaign and wiped hr forehead with her left sleeve. She watched Nancy talk with the man smiling and went to a small room at the back of the pub. The room was really small but Mari was thankful that it didn't smell like sour milk as the pub did.

She came in front of the mirror on the right wall of the small room. There were two tufts of hair, one on each side, that escaped her high bun. She had clocolate color hair and tan skin. Her greenish hazel eyes looked extremely tired. She looked miserable but still beautiful.  She closed her eyes. All I need is a warm shower. She thought. 

Just then she heared a knock on the door. "Come in." She yelled. Nancy opened the door, just enough for popping her head in. Mari looked just like her except Nancy's eyes were blue. And she had mint scent while Mari prefered jasmine. "Somebody wants to see you." Nancy whispered/announced. Mari rolled her eyes. "Oh, no, don't tell me it's him again!" Nancy came in and closed the door behind her. She sat next to Mari on the double bed. "Look, Michelle, that guy, he's really into you. I don't expect anything much from you. Just talk to him." Mari looked at her. "Nancy, I use Mari, not Michelle." Nancy smiled to her and answered: "And I would prefer mom." She chuckled. 

She stood up and went next to the small closet that stood in a corner of the room. She opened it and searched for a little before coming back next to Mari with a short green dress. Marie looked at the dress then at Nancy. "Nancy, are you crazy? I can get arrested in that!" The small town had strict rules, let's say. Nancy laughed. "Just wear it and go in that room. I doubt the cops will think of the rules when they see you in that." I blushed a little. "Alright. I'll meet him. But that's all. Nothing else. I'll just talk with him for once and it will all end." Nancy smiled. "My girl."

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