The South | My Michelle

Maritza Michelle Frein never had a normal life. She grew up travelling the south with a car. She was the only - and unexpected - child of Nancy Frein and Daniel Lonter. As you can understand from the surnames, her parents never got married. After Daniel's death Mari and Nancy settled down around Phoenix and started working at a small pub in an abandoned town far from the city. But what will happen when Mari meets a stranger that protects her from a man that wants to marry her but she hates? Will she marry him because he thretenes her with the life of the man she loves, or will she find the solution in getting in a car and chasing her love on the roads for the rest of her life?


3. Josh?



I had changed in my night clothes now, which was a pair of comfortable shorts and a loose short sleeved v-neck t-shirt. They were black. I liked the color black a lot. I got in my bed and lied on my right side without waiting for Nancy and pulled the sheets to the level of my nose because it was really cold outside. I actually was more comfortable with cold than hot. I couldn't stand hot weather, hot rooms, hot water... But I shall admit that it was even cold for me.


Under the warm sheets I easily drifted into my sweet sleep. I don't know for how long I had been sleeping when I woke up to somebody poking my shoulder. I blinked fastly a few times then opened my eyes completely. "What?" I complained and turned over in the bed to face Nancy. It wasn't Nancy. It was that stranger I had met earlier that day."What are you doing here?" I whispered afraid that somebody would see. He gestured me to be quiet as he did in the pub. I put my head back down on my pillow. He holded my waist and pulled me closer to himself. Then he let go. Just as I was wondering if he was gonw I felt his hand on my left thigh. He kept rubbing and caressing.




I opened my eyes breathless and saw Nancy waking up because of me. We were alone in the double bed that we always slept together in. She turned on her bedside lamp.


"Hey, is everything alright?"

I nodded. Everything's weird, actually. "Yeah. Yes, I'm alright."

"You were talking in your sleep." she said seriously.

Considering the dream I had, I panicked. What if I said something that I shouldn't? "W-what was I saying?" I felt cold sweat running down my spine.

"Wait, what was it?" She was really serious now. "J-Jo-, what was it? Oh, right Josh." Then she smiled. I was so relieved. "Who is Josh?" she asked and giggled. 

I smiled. "Nobody."

"Yeah, I know those 'nobody's." We both laughed.



Later on that day, I was back in my boring bar maid life which I hated. I thought about that weird dream. Oh, and there is what Nancy said. I never talked in my dreams, so, what was this? And Josh. I really didn't know whoever he was. All the males I knew around were either in his fifties, alcoholic, or Ron. Considering that, Ron's a different category, not really in the man part of the list. And I also knew the boy that protected me last night. But I couldn't learn his name. Then who was Josh? Most likely my dream character. Am I going crazy because of this living hell of a place?

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