The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


16. Uh oh

------Sorry I know I said no A/N but I just need to say 3 years... It's been three years. I'm so proud of how far the boys have come, from torn to best song ever. They are inspirational and deserve everything that they have. Congrats on 3 years guys!!!------ 



**Emma's P.O.V.** 

--5 days later--

This is the best!!! I've never had such a great summer in my entire life! The boys are about to release a new music video and song, the response so far has been amazing! Everybody is looking forward to it. Me and Niall have a great relationship, I felt like because he's famous everything would be a lot harder, but it's not. We have been public since the beginning so I learned to deal with the hate a while ago... I really don't care what the hate says because I rarely every see it because I stopped using social media and also because Niall is always there telling me I beautiful. Today is another day with the boys, we haven't really seen them in a while so this will be good! 


**Niall's P.O.V.**

TODAY WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH!!!! I love the beach it's so fun and I get to see Emma in less clothes, haha. We leave for the beach in a half an hour... I've been waiting for Emma but she's been in her room. Wait just kidding she's coming out, "What took you so long?" "I'm a girl.." "haha, ok, we should get some snacks and head out" "Kay, what do you want" "Potato chips, coffee cake, and lemonade, that's all we will bring since Zayn is bringing real food" "Okay lets go" We headed out to the car and drove for a half hour. Best car ride ever, Emma was singing along to the songs and so was I, we sounded absolutely terrible. When we finally got to the beach everyone was there, "Look who decided to show up" Louis sassed. We immediately went into the water, it was like when we were in the US and went to the beach. It was a long day and it was full of fun. On the ride home Emma got a call, "Hi mom!".... "What when?" She asked sounding very concerned... "I'll be there as soon as possible"  "What was that, Em?" "My grandpa, he's in the hospital, I have to go home" She started crying as we entered the flat, "It's okay, we will get you a flight for tomorrow" "Niall will you come?" "Probally, but the song is coming out in a week and half, so I'd have to come back" She started to regain herself and stopped crying, I went over to her and hugged her tight, "Everything is going to be fine, I promise" She cried into my chest. "Go to my bedroom, I'll go book the flights and I'll be there in a second" She nodded then headed to the room, I went on my laptop and got 2 flights to America. I headed back to the room, she was curled up in bed with PJ's on, I stripped down to my boxers and laid next to her. She wrapped her arm around me and rested her head on my chest still crying. "everything's going to be fine" I whispered to her and stroked her hair. She fell asleep after a while, and I did to. 

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