The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


2. The Special Day

I woke up to my phone buzzing. I unlocked the screen and noticed it was noon. I looked over to Logan still sleeping. Looking back at my phone the message app and a 1 next to it. I read the message: Mom 'I'm going to the grocery store to buy some bacon... There is breakfast in the kitchen'. I was hungry and didn't want to leave Logan so I jumped on the bed trying to make her wake up. "GET UP GET UP GET OUT OF MY BED, AND COME TO THE KITCHEN INSTEAD" I shouted as I jumped. She woke and laughed at my song. We went down to the kitchen to find Pancakes and oranges. We ate for about a half an hour then went back to my room. It was about 1 now and we were leaving for the concert at about 230 so we decided to get dressed. I wore a Skater dress that started white at the top and orange at the bottom, it had very nice spaghetti straps. I threw a brow leather jacket on top and brown lace Toms for my shoes. I looked in the mirror and was satisfied with my outfit. I sat on my bed and waited for Logan to finish dressing. I opened to twitter app and went on @navigating1d to see what the boys would be doing for the next few days, it read : "The boys have a concert tonight at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach then they have the next week off and are staying in New York City." I closed the app and went to see if Logan was ready, she was. It was about 2 now and we started getting ready to go. We got the pictures we planned on having the boys sign and took out the poster. We walked outside and put everything in the trunk of my new car. Another part of my graduation gift ( and 18th birthday present) was a Volkswagen EOS convertible, I absolutely loved this car. The last part of my present was a trip to London. I have wanted to go to London since I was little but my parents brought us to places like Italy instead. So for my present they bought Logan and I tickets to go to London for the whole summer. I couldn't wait. It was 230 now and we got in the car and headed off. The concert was at 630 but we had to be early for the meet and greet, I live about an hour away so we had to leave extra early. When we finally arrived we went to VIP parking and practically ran to the gates. I showed the man our seating tickets and our meet and greet tickets, and we proceed to the next station. They went through our bags and saw our posters, then let us continue. We we finally got in the stadium a large security man walked up to us,"Are you here to meet One Direction?" he asked. Logan looked at me then smiled, "Yes we are!" "Follow me ladies" he said and we did as told. He lead us through the indoor part of the stadium and then to the seats that were outdoor, "These will be your seats when the concert begins." The seats where right at the edge of the stage!!! We continued walking until we reached the backstage part of the arena. Another man walked up to us, "I will lead you from here", he said with a smile. I mouthed 'Oh my god' at Logan and she mouthed 'I know' back. We were so close to meeting our Idols!!!! 

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