The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


17. #Merica

**Niall's P.O.V.**

The plane ride was absolutely terrible! The plane hit turbulence and it didn't stop for most of the ride. I'm sorta scared of the whole flying idea... When we finally got to the airport there was a driver there to pick us up. The driver brought us to Emma's house and to my surprise no one was there. Emma decided to call her mom, "Hey Mom we are at the house" ... "Okay we will be there in like an hour" "Bye". "So where are we going?" I asked confused, "My whole family is at our beach house since my grandparents live in the Hampton's we are going to meet them there" "Okay" We found Emma's car in the driveway and headed off. It wasn't very cold out considering it was summer so we put the top down. The ride was really quite other than the radio blasting music, Emma was zoned out. When we got to the house I took the bags and brought them inside, I was shown to mine and Emma's room and set the bags down. "Niall, come meet my family" I heard Emma shout from down stairs. I walked down and saw maybe 10 people, "This is Niall" Emma said walking over to me and grabbing my hand. I had seen her mother before and her father so I recognized them, Emma led me around introducing me to everyone, "This is my brother Andrew" i shook his hand firmly, "My aunts and uncles" I waved at them, "And these are my cousins Athena and Lucas" I bent down, "Hi little guys" I said, "You're Niall from One Direction" Athena screamed as she ran to give me a hug, "Yes I am, nice to meet you!" She let go and I walked back over to Emma, "It's really nice to meet you'll, sorry that it had to be under these circumstances." i said apologetically, they nodded and went back to doing what they had begun before we arrived. Emma pulled me to our bedroom, "Do you want to come to the hospital with me?" "Yeah, of course" we walked back down and out of the house to the car. The car ride was again quite, I held Emma's hand and she squeezed it tightly. When we got there they showed us to his room, there was an older women sitting there talking to them as we walked in. She turned and saw us and a bright smile spreed across her face, "Emma you're here" she said shocked as they hugged, "Yes, Grandma" they pulled away, "This is Niall" She pointed over to me, her grandma walked over and hugged me, "Cute as a button" she smiled and went back to her seat besides Emma's grandpa. "How is he?" Emma questioned.  "He's doing better, but when he see's you he'll be fine" She said. Emma walked over to her grandpa and looked at him, I could see the hurt in her eyes and I wanted to kiss her and make her happy, I wanted her to hurt no more. I walked over and stood next to her, putting my arm around her waist, "He'll be fine I promise" i whispered into her ear, she looked up at me and hugged me,"I hope so" she said into my chest. We heard a groan and looked down at her grandpa, he was just waking up. He looked around and noticed Emma, his face lite up just like his wife's, "Emma!" he said as she jumped over to hug him, "Grandpa, how are you feeling?" She said, somewhat worried, but she was still really happy, "I'm much better" he said, "Well that's good to hear" an unfamiliar voice said, we turned around to find the doctor, "According to your tests, you'll be able to go home tomorrow. Everyone was so happy, it felt good. The doctor walked out and we all just stood there smiling. We had a bit of small talk, getting to know each other, until Emma's grandpa started to doze off. Emma began to speak to her grandma and my phone went off, I walked to the hall way and answered, "Hello?" "Hey, when are you coming back?" i heard louis say on the other line, "I don't know" "Well, we all have to be here when the song is released and that is in a week" "Well, Emma's grandpa is getting out of the hospital so maybe soon" "i don't mean to sound insensitive, but it better be soon" and with that he hung up. I get that we all had to be there, but I had to be there for Emma. Just then, Emma walked out of the room, "ready to go?" "Yeah" we drove back to the house, it was now pretty late and went to our room and went to bed. I just want to stay here, with her, forever, but that's not an option.

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