The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


4. Memories

I woke up at around 1030 and went downstairs. I sat at my kitchen table and saw my posters laying on the couch. That was the best night of my whole life! I looked at the chair and saw Logan sleeping there...? "Logan, Logan, LOGAN WAKE UP!!!" I said not to loud. "Wha-at, oh Hi.", she said. "Do you want some breakfast, I can make some bacon?" "Yeah, thanks. Last night was so amazing!!!" "I know right!!!" I said while smiling remembering everything. Logan looked at me and started to remember last night also, "Niall kissed you, Niall Horan kissed you, Niall Horan kissed my best friend..OMG!" she said. I played the memory over and over in my head, thinking about his soft lips on my cheek. It was probably a meaningless kiss to him, but to me it meant the world! "I know, I know, it was amazing!!!" I said as I started to prepare the bacon. ---- After breakfast Logan said she had to go home and check in with her parents and I was ok with that because I wanted to go back to sleep. "I'll text in a couple of hours, Love you!" Logan said as she shut the door. I headed back to my room to go back to sleep. ---- "I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME ROCK ME ROCK-" I woke up and looked at my phone... I got a text from Logan: 'Are you free tomorrow, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?' I responded: 'Yeah, want to go into the city...the boys are gonna be there, maybe we will see them ;)' The possibility of us seeing 5 boys in all of NYC are very slim, but I could care less. 'Sure, I'll come over at 11 tomorrow see ya' It was about 2 now so I got dressed and went down stairs. I felt really lazy and I didn't want to do much. It was a really nice day out so I thought I would go for a ride in my car. I put the top down and headed off. My first stop was Starbucks to get a frappuccino and then got back in the car... One of the good parts of living in my neighborhood is that we partly own a beach. The beach is about 3 blocks from our house so I drove down just to sit around. When I arrived not many people where there... 4-5 people at the most. I went to the lounge chairs and sat there for about 3 hours just hanging out. --- It was about 630 now and I was getting tired so I went back to the house. I don't normally go to sleep early, but I wanted to be well rested for tomorrow. I watched TV for 4 hours (2 movies) then went to bed at 1030. -------- "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT SLOW AND YOU JUST WANT TO-" "Hello" I answered my phone. "Hey, I'll be over in 20 minutes see you soon." Logan responded before hanging up. I hoped in the shower for about 5 minutes since I took a shower yesterday, then picked out a dress. I choose a sundress with spaghetti straps that was black and tan zig-zags. For shoes I took out my brown Sperry's and a light sweater. I put my phone in my sweater pocket and waited for Logan in the living room. Once she arrived we were off to catch the train. The train ride was quite because we were both tired but when we arrived at Penn Station, we hoped of the train and headed to Time Square. Time Square is giant...Billboards everywhere advertising food, clothing, toys, ect. Our first stop was at Forever 21. I picked out about 4 blouses and a pair of shorts. Logan choose 3 shirts and 2 pieces of jewelry that she liked. After we paid we continued to walk through Time Square.


**Niall's P.O.V.**

"Where are we?" Liam said holding the map in different directions. I saw a large ball at the top of a building and said,"Hey look it's Time Square... right there!" We walked a little farther and there it was... Time Square. Two girls, maybe 10 years old, walked up to us, "Can we have your autograph, please?""Sure, who am I making this out to?" Zayn asked. "Rachel and Emma!" One of them answered. A girl at the concert a couple nights ago was named Emma, she was gorgeous! I wouldn't remember her normally but not many people came to that meet and greet, she also was strikingly beautiful. The girls then walked up to me and I signed. "Bye, thank you so much!" They said as they walked away with their mother. "Okay where to first?" Harry said looking around. "How about we just walk for a little." I said also looking around. "Sounds like a plan," Louis said and started walking. We followed. NYC is beautiful, everything is so large and colorful. I was looking up at a building with a globe on it when I walked right into someone causing them, and me, to fall. "Sorry, sorry that was all my fault." I said getting up. She had her hand on her head and eyes closed, "I can tell you're not from New York." she said. She finally opened up her eyes and I saw who she was... It was Emma! She saw my face and noticed who she was looking at, "Ni-Niall?" she asked. "Yes, and Emma is it?" "Yeah, are you enjoying New York?" She asked with a smile on her face. Oh her smile it was contagious, her beautiful smile. "Yeah, it's beautiful, we just are getting a little lost it's really confusing." I said starring into her gorgeous eyes. Her friend who I believe is called Logan caught up to her and saw us, "Hi-i!" She said. "We could help you around and show you the city." Emma said sorta as a question. I looked over at the other boys, and said Yes! We walked around Time Square and Emma was saying things about different buildings as if she was a tour guide, I didn't bother to listen because I was starring at her beautiful face. "Niall, Niall are you listening?" she said snapping me out of my gaze, she had that smile on her face again. "Yes, I'm listening." I said "Then repeat what I just said" she said with a somewhat smug look on her face. I just stood there and didn't say anything. The boys started chuckling and made me blush with embarrassment, "I said that ball drops at midnight on New Years Eve." Emma said pointing at the ball I had noticed before. I looked back at the boys Harry was looking at Emma's friend, liam was taking picture on his phone, and Zayn and Louis talking. It was about 1230 and I was getting hungry, "Since you know so much about New York, tell me the best place to have lunch." I said looking back at Emma. "Fine, follow me" She said turning around and walking. She lead us to a small irish pub that was about 3 stories high, "Irish, i like it" i said smiling at her. The name was something like 'the pigs whistle.' We walked in and got a seat on the top floor balcony. Louis' phone started going off and he went to go answer it. "So how long have you lived here?" I turned asking Emma. "I don't live in NYC but I've lived near here my entire life, I love it here it's beautiful!" She said looking out over the street below us. Louis came back, "We need to get back to the hotel and get ready for a last second interview, Thank you very much for having us girls!" No! I don't want to go! Emma looked at me, she seemed sad we were leaving, "Maybe we could meet up tomorrow and you could finish the tour," i said handing her my phone, "put your number in, I'll text you later." I said. She typed in the number and put her name at the top. "Thanks for everything" I said as we left. -- I would have put my phone number in her phone but then I wouldn't have an excuse to text her ;)    

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