The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


9. Goodbye for now

**Emma's P.O.V.**

Once again I woke up to my alarm clock. It was 830 but I had to wake up the boys so they could go to the airport. When I was getting the guest room ready the boys decided I would be driving them to the airport. "Niall, Niall wake up" I gently pushed his stomach, "Niall are you awake?" "hmm""Niall wake up" "5 more minutes Emma, lay back down" "Fine, but 5 minutes only" "hmm" I laid back down and cuddled with him because it was surprisingly cold. Our 5 minutes turned in to 30 minutes but it didn't really matter because we only had to stop at their hotel to pick their already packed clothes and then the airport. The flight was at 3 so we had time. "Niall now you have to wake up""not yet" "What do I have to do to get you up?" I asked desperately. "Kiss me" "What?" "I said Kiss me" I didn't mind kissing him, i like Niall... a lot. I leaned in a gave Niall a peck on the lips, "No, a real kiss" he said, he grabbed me and rolled me on top on him, then wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me. It was a real kiss after about a minute he pulled away, "Now I'm awake" he said popping out of bed. My lips felt numb, wanting to kiss him again. He went over and sat on the green chair and watched TV. I walked over to him and stood there starring at him, "May I help you?" he asked. "Stand up" "I just got out of bed and now you want me to stand up, come on" he started pouting. "Please stand up" he did. I looked in his eyes then smashed my lips into his and wrapped my arms around his neck this time, he kissed back and put his arms on my waist. Another real kiss, I pulled away and left him there, as I went to wake up the other boys. Niall is a great kisser.


**Niall's P.O.V.**

That was amazing! The first kiss was a joke but the second kiss, that was just just amazing. Over the past day I started to realize how much I really do like Emma. I'm gonna miss her for the next 2 days, but I think I'll live. It's time to get dresses so I picked up my clothes and put on the same stuff from yesterday. When I was done I watched TV again...not much was on so I settled with Family Guy, Emma came back in, "I woke up the other boys, after I get dressed we are going to go back to the hotel then leave, okay?" "Yeah, when you're done can I talk to you?" "Yeah, one sec" I waited as she got dressed and then she sat on the bed and waited for me to speak, "I'm gonna miss you tomorrow, a lot." "I'll miss you to" I walked over to her and stood in front of her, "And I was wondering if you switched your reservations yet, for the hotel?" "Not yet you didn't tell me any hotels yet" "Well how about you stay at my flat?" "Well I don't know what about-" "It's fine I talked to Harry and she can stay there... she agreed to it" "Well then I guess it's not much of my choice" she laughed a little, "of course I would love to stay with you" she jumped up and hugged me. "Now I'll be able to wake up every morning how I woke up this morning" I said with a cheeky smile. "I don't know about that" she said blushing, "Well if I can't have a kiss every morning then I'll need one right now" I said as I leaned in and kissed her. I didn't pull back and neither did she for a couple of minutes, then she pulled back seemingly in the middle of the kiss, "you'll get the rest when I see you at the airport on sunday." She smiled as we walked over to the guest room. "Ready to go everybody?" "yeah, lets go" We quickly stopped at the hotel and then we got to the airport. We were as far as I could with us, the boys said their goodbyes, "I'm gonna miss you" "I'll miss you too, one more kiss?" "Is it sunday?" she smiled at me "I'll be waiting" "BYEEE" "BYEEEE LOVE" and we were gone.

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