The Day it all changed

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC This is not a story where a girl goes to a concert and one of the boys instantly falls in love with her, but it is more realistic. Two girls who love One Direction have their dreams come true because a silly accident. ** I will try to not write any A/N because I don't like them**


6. Day 2 with One Direction

**Emma's P.O.V.**

We were going out with One Direction for the 2nd day in a row!!! Logan slept over once again. We had to meet the boys at 1130 and we had to figure out where their hotel was. I set my alarm clock for 930 so we had time to take showers and get ready. I woke up at the alarm but logan was still sleeping. I got into the shower for about 10 minutes then got out and started choosing an outfit. I woke Logan up and told her to take a quick shower... hers lasted about 5 minutes. I choose to wear a skin tight black t-shirt with jean shorts that had a pattern knitted on the side. Logan chose her outfit and we were out of the house but 955. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts before we got on the train for a little breakfast. When we arrived at Penn Station it was 11. My hair had finally dried which caused it to have a natural wave to it. We got into the cab and told him to get to the Windsor Hotel. As he was driving I texted Niall

To Niall:

We are on our way

From Niall:

Okayy tell me when you are here


We were about to start our second day with One Direction!


**Niall's P.O.V.**

The girls were on their way so I called all the boys and told them to meet in my room. When they all arrived it was about 1133. I was waiting for Emma to show up when I got a text.

From Emma:

The guards said we can't come in could you come down?

To Emma:

Yeah be there in a sec


"Guys, I'll be back in a sec the girls said they are locked out" I said as I left. When I got out to the entrance I saw and grabbed her hand to pull her in, she grabbed Logan in and we headed back to the room. "Sorry about that, they just thought you were fans." I said scratching the back of my head, "Well... we are" Emma said. She is just so cute OMGG. When we got to the room, i saw that the boys completely messed it up. As we entered they were in the middle of a pillow fight, "What are you doing?" i asked sounding mad as I walked up to them. "We were just having a pillo-" Mid sentence I hit Liam in the head with a pillow shutting him up, "Now that is how you have a pillow fight" i shouted, making the boys restart the fight. Emma and Logan sat down on the couch while we continued. When we finally had enough we all sat down because we were tired. I went over to the couch and sat down next to Emma as Logan got up to go sit near Harry. Zayn turned on the TV and was watching a show with the others. "You know on friday me and the boys are going back to London and i'm not going to see you" i said, she turned to look at me and we were inches away from each other, "NO WAY me and Logan are going this Sunday for the whole summer!!!! It was a gift from our parents!" She was going to London which meant I would be hang out with her the whole summer!!! "That's great, where are you staying" I asked excitedly "Um, I don't really know, where ever it is we can change the reservations to make near where you boys live.." she said biting her lip, showing that she wanted a response, "Sure that would be great I could text you later good hotels near we live!" "You know Niall you're going to have to give me a tour of London as repay for all the tours I've been giving you" she said smiling, her smile was so beautiful I couldn't stand it out of no where I leaned in a smashed our lips together. I pulled back after a few seconds realizing that was totally uncalled for, "Sorry, I shouldn't have done that sorry" i said blushing, "It's fine really" she said blushing also. I starred at her for a minute then she looked away as Louis started talking, "Guys can we get going, this is boring!!!" "K lets go then" I said getting up." Where do you boys want to visit today?" Emma said looking at me. "Hmmm, how about the statue of liberty.. I heard it was a beautiful sight... but i know for a fact it isn't the most beautiful sight in New York" i said looking in her eyes. Once again she blushed, "Okay I think I know where to catch a boat there... we can also go to Ellis Island, it's a must see!" --- We did find the boat after about 45 minutes because the girls didn't know where they were going, "There it is!!!!" Logan shouted when she finally found the boat... "You're not a very good tour guide" i said looking over at Emma. "You didn't do much better mister" She said. We got on the boat after we paid and sat in our seats. We didn't fully stop at the Statue of Liberty we just had time to take pictures on the boat, "Emma come over here and take a picture with me" i shouted over to her. She fished her pictures with the other boys and Logan then came over to me. She put her arms around my waist and hugged me and i put my arm around her shoulder. "Cheese" Louis said as he took the picture "Well that's someones new screensaver." he continued. I looked at the picture and as Louis said put it as my background picture then sent it to Emma. We sat back in our seats and me and Emma had some small talk getting to know each other better. We reached Ellis Island Emma practically ran to the door, "Slow down there or you'll trip" Liam said as we got off the boat. She stopped and waited for us. "I am not going to be your tour guide for this" Emma said talking to all of us, "You stink" Louis said crossing his arms. We walked in and bought our tickets... we walked around and looked at many different things. We all separated, but I stayed with Emma. "Look, this lady didn't get to stay because she was so sick. That's terrible." Emma said, she started frowning, "That's not fair at all." I didn't really care what the sign said, I don't enjoy museums, I was busy looking at Emma's beautiful face. She had long brow wavy hair and really long eyelashes. Her eyes were so interesting, at the top of both eyes they were a hazel blue but the color turned in to a hazel green. Everything about her was so beautiful. She moved on to the next exhibit and as we were walking there I grabbed her hand. She looked down at our hand then looked back up and smiled, she didn't bother looking at me but she looked at the next exhibit. We continued walking and started to intertwine our fingers, "It's getting late and I'm hungry" she said finally looking at me, "So am I, where's the food here" "I don't know, remember I'm not the tour guide" she said laughing. We followed a lot of signs until we finally found the food court. "We should tell the others to meet us here" "Good idea" i said while taking my phone out to text the boys. "I really need to get the rest of the boys numbers in case they get lost again" she said as she grabbed a bag of chips. "When they come we can all exchange numbers" I told her as we both grabbed some food. Emma wanted to sit outside so we took our food and found a table large enough for all of us. The rest of the boys and logan showed up with their food so we started eating. When we finished we exchanged numbers and then separated again. Emma and I stayed outside because we could see the water from there and there was a large wall with many names on it. First we looked at the wall, "look that's my grandpa's name" she said pointing excitedly at one of the names on the wall. "Do you have any relatives in America?" she asked walking over towards the H names, "Let's find out" we looked and found none. Next we went to look at the ocean, she was just standing there starring at the ocean while I starred at her. She was still looking at the ocean as she spoke, "You know you'll be able to stare at me all summer if you want," she stopped then looked at me, "but you're only in New York for now" she said smiling at the end. "I'd rather look at you though" I said slightly blushing.-- It was getting pretty late, making it cold so we all met up again and decided to go home. On the boat ride back Emma started rubbing her arms so I unzipped my sweatshirt and gave it to her, "No, no take it back you're going to be cold now" she said giving the jacket back to me. I put it back on her, "Not if you hug me" I said with a cheeky grin. "Fine" I put my arm over her shoulder and she hugged around my chest. Today was great.

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