Pretty Darkness

Katy moved away after a family horror she masked her old wild life style behind the personality of a deceased but when the opportunity of extreme popularity rises within her grab her secrets came out life became twisted and fate happened and this time pretty darkness isn't as sweet as it was before.

One Direction have finished their 2013 world tour . Everything relaxes and fans congratulate the boys but now fate is involved and life becomes twisted.

why can't the pretty darkness solve everything

life will continue well the lives that are left ..


2. Today


I snuggled in front of the TV in my London flat with a pot of Ben and Jerry's and a bottle of wine.I lived with my Uncle Jack . but at the moment he is on a trip with his new Fiance and does not come back for i think its two months now. So for now i'm alone. it was almost the end of the summer term and i had one final AS exam in two days i was fully prepared and now i'm just choosing to chill tonight. 

My phone began to ring - i looked it was an unknown  number but i decided to answer anyway 

"hello is this Kathy?"


"Hiya its Bo from school"

"Bo winton?"

"yes thats right i'm just ringing to see if i can pop round for a few hours ?"

"we have barely spoken Bo .."

"please Kathy . i need your help in our child development course?"

"okay cool . my address is : ....."

what a strange phone call Bo had talked to me maybe twice in a few months .

anyway within fifteen minuets she was here i had got my bottle and two glasses on the table she slumped down surveying the room and then placed her folder on the table we looked at each other and laughed i poured out the wine and we sat and chatted for about an hour before even mentioning course work. At about 11.30pm we had finished our course work and she was going to stay for the night we had instantly clicked after these five hours of being in one room the wine was finnished and i said shhe could use the spare room. 

i flung a towel at her and then went to my own room led in bed and texted Uncle Jack .

"Hello . Missing you here thank you for the postcard and i hope you both enjoy yourself :) love you <3"

i scrolled through face book and then twitter. but i soon turned my phone off and fell to sleep.



Kathy is such a nice girl all cheery and quite . she sat and chatted and then we completed our course work.She is letting me stay tonight but i think we have instantly clicked and i'm o glad i noticed her number on facebook .


i woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon i slumped out of bed and slowly walked towards the kitchen.there she was munching on a sandwich and smiling whilst reading the new vouge magazine.She greeted me politely and pushed a plate forwards from the counter to my end of the breakfast bar.we talked through our day and we realized we had an overlapping free period ,so we decided we would go out to lunch.

She asked if i had any spare clothes which was clearly a no . So Kathy ran to her room and gave me a pair of converse,a  hunters t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. 

"Thank You Kathy"

i changed and we left in her car to school.

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