Pretty Darkness

Katy moved away after a family horror she masked her old wild life style behind the personality of a deceased but when the opportunity of extreme popularity rises within her grab her secrets came out life became twisted and fate happened and this time pretty darkness isn't as sweet as it was before.

One Direction have finished their 2013 world tour . Everything relaxes and fans congratulate the boys but now fate is involved and life becomes twisted.

why can't the pretty darkness solve everything

life will continue well the lives that are left ..


1. One year ago


me Cleo and Jamie were on our way home from school we were stopping at Cleo's for an hour before sneaking out to the majour house party for the leaver (me and Cleo) of course our parents didn't know where we were going i was  Jamie did and he was coming with us , Jamie is my older brother and he is 19 . he is quiet and very clever he is coming as we told him we were going to Meg's house not to the party . so i threw my phone on Cleo's floor and quickly changed into my short an stripy tee with my braces and my toms Cleo changed into her dress and heels she is stunning so she can wear anything so she looks fine. we brush threw our curled hair and slip out the door not before picking up my "water bottle" and  bag.

half way there i cracked open my bottle i passed it round first to Cleo then back to myself then to Jamie 

"Kathy what is this ?"

"don't worry just try it .. it may burn at first but just continue "

"what is it ?"

"vodka" i slowly mumbled


"hey at least i haven't drunk through school"



soon my bottle was empty Jamie was slightly tipsy shall we say and Cleo pulled the bigger bottle out and we emptied it into the water bottle and contiuned until we got to Meg's house party.Jamie stopped at the site of cars and then the sound i dragged the drunken Jamie inside Cleo and i had a small puff with the lads then took our rollie inside the house finnishing it off Jamie was on the sofa and as we walked into the kitchen Cleo's boyfriend grabbed her and pulled her into the closet. so i was alone .. and i grabbed my beer can and then a fimiliar smell driffted up my nose it was that boy -Zayn he pulled at my waist and i turned around he was hungry for it and i didnt want to miss out on this opportunity i downed my can and then quickly had a few mouthfulls of the vodka bottle and zayn pulled me round his waist and into the now empty closet 

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